Carnifex: Trials - Ch. 1 Lyncher's Calling

Carnifex: Trials
Carnifex: Trials

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A noble-turned-executioner, who wass born from the stars, is communed with by a faint voice that speaks a command. With no mind to think otherwise, he sets off to the great lands, and may possibly take him to ever-more tenebrous places. He meets many friend, fey, and foe, each with a story to share. This world is dark and grimy, but it is within that oozing rot that one may find respite. Follow the ever-expanding and capricious journey of the executioner, and explore the cryptic story that precedes titanic events and changes. God save you, forlorn.

3 Chapters

  • Carnifex: Trials
  • Carnifex: Trials
  • Carnifex: Trials
  • Carnifex: Trials
  • Carnifex: Trials


  • Visitor 27253

    Visitor 27253

    2020-11-07 18:38

    Hello there

  • Ťhe_Đarkness_Wîthîn


    2020-11-06 13:30

    Alr new comic let's see how far we can go with this (you'll be seeing me for a while)

    • Visitor 27253: Alr

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