Solstice Ville - Ch. 14

Solstice Ville
Solstice Ville

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Felipe has always been secretly in love with Amanda, but everything changes in his heart when his distant cousin decides to spend a few days at his house.

15 Chapters

  • Solstice Ville
  • Solstice Ville
  • Solstice Ville
  • Solstice Ville
  • Solstice Ville
  • Solstice Ville
  • Solstice Ville


  • emchn


    2020-07-16 23:42

    it was so short ?!😭

    • boricuasetsuka🇵🇷: wow the pain I felt reading this short chapter was worst...

    • Mina-Chan: 😭 I already have to wait SO long for this to update and all I gets this and no explanation like I’m sick or something j...

    • 9 Replies
  • pleby saurus

    pleby saurus

    2020-07-16 23:31

    oh no he's getting beaten up QoQ

  • Dandona Ayad

    Dandona Ayad

    2020-07-16 23:46

    what are you kidding me!!!!!,this is the shortest chapter i have ever seen

  • Moon月。


    2020-07-17 2:12

    Carol didn't really reject him,she just wants him to clear his mind and heart due to the fact Amanda kissed [email protected]@。

  • seashell_cc


    2020-07-17 1:43

    waiting so long for the next update the next update:

  • Paulo Henrique Marco

    Paulo Henrique Marco

    2020-07-17 11:44

    Guys, the next chapter will be the final one and I didn't want to split it in half, that's why I needed more time to get it done. It'll have both the lenght of the usual. Sorry if I broke the expectations but I can't produce the webcomics in the same speed as the koreans and chineses. I don't get any profit fro Solstice Ville so I gatter all the love I have and my spare time to produce it. I managed to deliver 100 pages of comics wich is a prety decent content. Despite of what some people said I'm working really hard to keep this comic runing.

    • Visitor21543: this comment needs more likes so everyone can see :(

    • Prince UwU: mental health is most important, don't forget that 🥺

    • 3 Replies
  • As  Ta

    As Ta

    2020-07-17 1:46

    What kind of chapter is that

    • Moon月。: It was only a preview for next Thursday. Becuase next update will be the closing chapter for volume 1 and the 1st chaote...

  • Lathan💓


    2020-07-16 23:46


  • Dark King

    Dark King

    2020-07-16 23:43

    What happened to him Noooooo!!!

  • ♥️Cami >U< 🦊

    ♥️Cami >U< 🦊

    2020-07-17 2:12

    No laifu no waifu

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