Soul Ascendance - Ch. 5 Reminiscence (3)

Soul Ascendance
Soul Ascendance

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Soul Ascendance is a story about the afterlife, where the lost souls that reside in Purgatory must hunt demons and take on other various tasks in order to earn their redemption. Now an unlikely team must come together and face a new evil that has risen from the bowels of hell; a threat that could destroy existence as we know it.

28 Chapters

  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance


  • ThisWillʕु•̫͡•ʔुBien


    2020-02-05 22:59

    Oooooooooo she done it now

    • the cute skull: ohh gosh poor girl i think she is going to die

  • Taoist of Hades

    Taoist of Hades

    2020-02-06 1:39

    Yikes.... She's toast...

  • Zuku Y

    Zuku Y

    2020-02-12 17:55

    Bro from The beginning I was like “she’s gonna die” But since they’re in hell, where does she go? Does she die for real this time? Or was she born in hell and she’s going to die for real? *a double hell?* xD

    • Bezel Leblanc: lol I'm glad you like my comic and that will be explained later on in the story.

  • surprised pikachu

    surprised pikachu

    2020-05-10 20:43

    the artstyle is!🤩

  • ShayM


    2020-02-06 1:6

    That's not ideal

  • Flamievolt


    2020-02-08 17:57

    i really like the comics and i just can imagine how great it would be with colors. keep up the good work. ☺️

    • Visitor39546: I think it's pretty great as is tbh. I wouldnt bet on ever seeing it in color except for the occasional cover art or any...

  • Pretty ML

    Pretty ML

    2020-02-06 2:27

    that's it?

    • Visitor39546: theres quite a bit happening behind the scenes to get this done. this comment doesnt seem to be that helpful.

    • Bezel Leblanc: Visitor is right there is a lot going on behind the scenes here. I am my only team which means I do the writing, plannin...

  • Visitor 34358

    Visitor 34358

    2020-02-06 3:10


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