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Soul Ascendance
Soul Ascendance

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Soul Ascendance is a story about the afterlife, where the lost souls that reside in Purgatory must hunt demons and take on other various tasks in order to earn their redemption. Now an unlikely team must come together and face a new evil that has risen from the bowels of hell; a threat that could destroy existence as we know it.

28 Chapters

  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance
  • Soul Ascendance


  • Why so hoe    UwU

    Why so hoe UwU

    2020-06-02 12:23

    3 scrolls and the chapter is finished such small chapter shouldn't exits

    • Bezel Leblanc: Yeah well I only make like $1.00 a month on here so I'm not going to bust my butt to make them longer.

    • Jess the mess: I support you fam. Hopefully the money kicks up because if this is what you can do without the proper financial support ...

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  • ShayM


    2020-06-02 12:14

    I'm sorry... what's happening? Is this comic all over the place or am I reading too many random stories

    • Bezel Leblanc: I left a comment on the chapter that may answer your question.

    • the cute skull: i don't know but the author commented on you

  • Bezel Leblanc

    Bezel Leblanc

    2020-06-02 17:49

    Note from the author: The plot of Soul Ascendance especially the first arc tells the story in a multiple protagonist narrative rather than focusing on just one character which will put the pieces together later on. If you don't do well with stories that use this kind of narrative then perhaps Soul Ascendance isn't the right story for you.

    • •°•{ARMY}•°•: oki I understand a bit

  • Somber Sonder

    Somber Sonder

    2020-06-04 14:35

    I've seen so many issues with people on this app saying chapters are too short. Not only in this one, but in a lot more others, too. Like damn. Do y'all draw yourselves?? Usually, it's not understanding how long drawing takes that leads to these complaints. I took an art class this semester, and it took me around 2 hours just to do a full portrait. Imagine how much longer it would take to make a whole comic! Be patient with the authors, especially with comics that are providing free content.

  • Natalie Granger

    Natalie Granger

    2020-11-02 13:11

    she is pest control level xD

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