Love Me As I Do - Ch. 13

Love Me As I Do
Love Me As I Do

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She was forced in a hopeless situation to accept a sky-high transaction. She thought the deadline of the transaction would mark the end of their relationship, however, five years later, they met each other again. As a result, his hurtful words could barely cover his feeling for her. With the sudden exposure of the secret that she strove to keep, he vowed to trap her by his side! Shameless! Don’t take me for granted!

241 Chapters

  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do


  • ShUt  Up !!!😒😒

    ShUt Up !!!😒😒

    2019-12-21 20:31

    she looks more beutiful if her hair is long...

    • ੈ✩۪Mintyࣱ۪۪̥࣭࣮ࣩࣴﻬ꜆: i disagree a bit u°w°), I think her current hair looks more beautiful because there aren't many girls like her on comics...

    • Kakegurui Yumeko/BTS: i like her hair the way it is now 😊

    • 99 Replies
  • I love Bts vkook

    I love Bts vkook

    2019-12-21 20:32

    Do anyone think he likes her? Or all of you think that

    • Chanyeolfan: I wish he would like her, so that she can be with someone that actually loves her...

    • Sharronika: yeah I think he do

    • 50 Replies
  • miss angel 😇

    miss angel 😇

    2019-12-21 20:33

    earlyyy wait who are you ,we already have our handesome ml

    • doN't_TouCH_Me🐾: I hate ML. that's not what a man should do to the woman who gave birth to his child . damn! I really hate him

    • 💜Kookieshook_Yuki🖤: ml will change hopefully but yeah i dont hate the ml that much . i have seen worse

    • 5 Replies


    2019-12-21 20:32

    it's drugged WITH HAPPINESS OF COURSE◉‿◉( ˘ ³˘)♥

  • $parroW


    2019-12-21 20:55

    Can Anyone explain what happened so suddenly that they are separated...?? I didn't get it🙄

    • Mrs.Genos: the contract said that she only have to get pregnant for him. since she already gave birth to his children, they don't h...

    • imiss minty summer: i don't get it either

    • 3 Replies


    2019-12-21 21:14

    don't tell me there's something in her drink😱😱

    • srizzz: no no he is a good guy till this episode

  • Visitor 57556

    Visitor 57556

    2019-12-21 20:36

    We need our old ship back I don’t like the new ship.

  • 𝕻𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖔𝖒🖤


    2019-12-21 21:19

    hєч вσч dnt єvєn thínk αвσut ruíníng mч ѕhíp 😠😠😡😡😤😤

  • Jungkook's stalker

    Jungkook's stalker

    2019-12-21 22:24

    I miss her hair🙁

  • Kitt Mitchell

    Kitt Mitchell

    2019-12-22 7:4

    Why does everyone ship her with a [email protected]? She deserves better.

    • paoshi: 90% of ml on webcomic are [email protected] so.. why not

    • weebb: Technically she signed a paper knowing they would need to have sexual inter course.

    • 4 Replies
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