Love Me As I Do - Ch. 12

Love Me As I Do
Love Me As I Do

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She was forced in a hopeless situation to accept a sky-high transaction. She thought the deadline of the transaction would mark the end of their relationship, however, five years later, they met each other again. As a result, his hurtful words could barely cover his feeling for her. With the sudden exposure of the secret that she strove to keep, he vowed to trap her by his side! Shameless! Don’t take me for granted!

241 Chapters

  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do


  • Marcaniel is cannon!

    Marcaniel is cannon!

    2019-12-20 20:31

    She looks beautiful 😁 and that is him, this is a comic after all so it's normal for a miracle to happen 😊

    • Shelly{¬_¬} Dr chu❤️: And she triplets one is with him nd two r with her well their kids will find everything out and use wigs to take places

    • SWEET pOH!😚: actually hate the hairstyle

    • 34 Replies


    2019-12-20 20:31

    Is that him?!

    • Fairytail(o¬o)(θΩθ): I looked at your profile and i also love fairy tail and my hero academia❤

    • AQLDUTY_008: he look ugly now

    • 33 Replies
  • uniicorn


    2019-12-20 20:31

    5th butches

  • Summer08


    2019-12-20 20:47

    For those that are confused, yes she has more than 1 child but I think ML doesn’t know

    • Oh dear!: he will know soon.

    • Aina Syazwani: now i understand. thank you

  • Banana Potato Hanna

    Banana Potato Hanna

    2019-12-20 20:31

    HUH? I dont get?

    • Aysel Inara: Something is missing, in last chapter the MC had taken the child. But in this new one she's having another child with he...

    • TheRazeluXE: She had a triplet, one of them is sick and needs a bone marrow transplantation...

    • 19 Replies
  • Jacqueline402


    2019-12-20 20:40

    Yup I have offically lost interest in this comic.

    • Kitt Mitchell: It doesn't make sense. No way she successfully hid a multiple pregnancy from him. He controlled everything and she had n...

    • love all animals and: same , I relly like it till it wint really quick and they had kids

  • Shimaa


    2019-12-20 20:37

    the chapter is very short 😒

  • Kitty Kat12

    Kitty Kat12

    2019-12-20 21:44

    I just looked at the previous chapter and the baby had the dads hair so does that mean she had twins?! 😱

    • Annie Yeap: i think so too

    • StalkersKiller: I know right

  • Jamesy


    2019-12-20 23:27

    She gave birth to twins!!!😊

  • cough drop girl

    cough drop girl

    2019-12-20 20:31

    the kid is beutiful!!

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