Love Me As I Do - Ch. 11

Love Me As I Do
Love Me As I Do

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She was forced in a hopeless situation to accept a sky-high transaction. She thought the deadline of the transaction would mark the end of their relationship, however, five years later, they met each other again. As a result, his hurtful words could barely cover his feeling for her. With the sudden exposure of the secret that she strove to keep, he vowed to trap her by his side! Shameless! Don’t take me for granted!

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  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do
  • Love Me As I Do


  • LiL Jason

    LiL Jason

    2019-12-15 5:33

    wait what i don't understand this chapter!!!!

    • webcomic lover : Fast forward she gets pregnant and gives birth he takes the baby and leaves her

    • Cassidy: She’s pregnant he takes the baby and the contract is done, she has to leave

    • 248 Replies
  • king growl

    king growl

    2019-12-15 5:32

    wait I don't get this chapter

    • Charllie Jane Umali: it mean's the girl got pregnant and the contract has ended so the girl left

    • Albina Michelle..😘: she will give birth to a twins and will give one to him and keep one with her ( but actually she will give birth to trip...

    • 58 Replies
  • Dana Abughaduma

    Dana Abughaduma

    2019-12-15 5:32

    1st comment Awwwww they left eachother🥺

    • Dinda Ardanila: in future even they merried, she can life happy.

    • natasha Torres9R: ikr like wtf I want to know more

    • 5 Replies
  • Becca Bae

    Becca Bae

    2019-12-15 5:45

    did he went back in time? and now he's trying to fix what he did wrong?? it looks like he wants to take this chance and improve his current life or something?? idkkk

    • TheCrazyVirgo💜: Your theory does make a lot of sense

    • Chat-Blanc (=^・ω・^=): i hope so 😧

    • 3 Replies
  • TheCrazyVirgo💜


    2019-12-15 5:49

    I think it is all fast forwarded! She gave him a child and he mistreated her! 🤔🤔

  • Kari ❄

    Kari ❄

    2019-12-15 5:56

    Essentially, she is pregnant, she gives birth and he gets the kid. According to their agreement, once she gives him a child, she will have nothing to do with him. This she leaves.

    • Ashley Lee Huey Jiua: Now it's continuing the story from where the contract ended

  • 🌸mel mel🌸

    🌸mel mel🌸

    2019-12-15 5:37

    wait what? that's the end?

  • rei ww

    rei ww

    2019-12-15 5:45

    they left each other can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens ._. .3.

  • •_αli¥αh_•


    2019-12-15 6:17

    I kinda understand it she got pregnant then they broke up it's similar to :a contract with feelingless CEO

    • Mia💍amime lover : Yes I love that one

  • 🥀 Beauty 🥀

    🥀 Beauty 🥀

    2019-12-15 6:40

    she got pregnant had the baby left giving the baby to that bastard (that went fast)

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