Double Prince - Ch. 7

Double Prince
Double Prince

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The moment she woke up, she found herself transport back in time to Prince Xuan’s bed, and inexplicably became his servant. The romantic Prince Xuan expressed love to her every day, but all of a sudden he turned his back to her and allowed other women to frame her adultery, disfigure her appearance, put her in the pig cage and throw her into the river. When she opened her eyes again, there was no time travel, only that she was reborn with a completely new look. Learning from the past, instead of being vulnerable, she seized the initiative and indulged herself in money, wine and handsome men, and that man who told only lies should show his deep love for her?

161 Chapters

  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince


  • ÂRM¥ 💙

    ÂRM¥ 💙

    2019-11-02 14:23

    tommorow is my history test and I am here reading this.... poor me..... give me some blessings guys so that I can pass 😅😅😢😢😁😁

    • Kitsune Kawaii: This comic is based on history. Good luck on you test!

    • Ahgase 💚: no worries you will definitely pass cuz u r reading history right now 🤣😂😪

    • 45 Replies
  • Blythe💗


    2019-11-02 16:16

    This is must be the only prince that I’ve read that who is not Arrogant and Kind off nice?

    • Queen Bee🐝: its look like you don't read the description first

    • bts fan baby Sabrina: hohoho I can tell he is not what he look like trust me

    • 9 Replies
  • 无羡❤蓝湛


    2019-11-02 23:11

    Wow even in the day they are doing it😏😏😏🤣

  • masamune rai

    masamune rai

    2019-11-03 10:46

    chill dude chill 😂

  • mr. hunk

    mr. hunk

    2020-01-02 19:11

    my final exam is coming but i m here until now haha

  • Rain Mocam

    Rain Mocam

    2021-02-12 13:53

    she directly push him🤣

  • MbuL


    2019-11-03 15:31

    can't you stop doing things that cause you trouble stupid girl?

  • studyissostressful


    2019-11-04 4:48

    is he the ml? i read the intro of the story and i think he isn't the ml....

  • Tristanti Dyan

    Tristanti Dyan

    2019-11-05 14:58

    🤣🤣 his highness is so healthy

  • Visitor 80686

    Visitor 80686

    2020-03-09 18:8

    honestly whatever happens to her in the near future might be her own fault

    • Visitor 80686: though I agree wIth her rejection to him

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