Double Prince - Ch. 4

Double Prince
Double Prince

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The moment she woke up, she found herself transport back in time to Prince Xuan’s bed, and inexplicably became his servant. The romantic Prince Xuan expressed love to her every day, but all of a sudden he turned his back to her and allowed other women to frame her adultery, disfigure her appearance, put her in the pig cage and throw her into the river. When she opened her eyes again, there was no time travel, only that she was reborn with a completely new look. Learning from the past, instead of being vulnerable, she seized the initiative and indulged herself in money, wine and handsome men, and that man who told only lies should show his deep love for her?

161 Chapters

  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince
  • Double Prince


  • Blythe💗


    2019-11-02 16:9

    You’ve been taken advantage,but as a woman that who’s been taken advantage on,you seems very okay with it.Parang ginusto mo naman🙄my ghaaaad!

    • Keshin: I really hate that most girls act like that in this app. And the abuse just makes it even worse 😠

    • _KawaiiPotatoe_: Oh god. My grammer is awful, please forgive me, I have been up early.

    • 11 Replies
  • Visitor 33469

    Visitor 33469

    2019-11-04 2:27

    is she pregnant or she had to much last night🤔

    • Ziya Shekh: no how could she be pregnant in one night stand 😅

  • 无羡❤蓝湛


    2019-11-02 23:7

    Prince didn't even let her off😏🤣🤣🤣

  • Himiko Togaa

    Himiko Togaa

    2019-11-03 0:44

    he must've been roughhhh

  • The Vengeful One

    The Vengeful One

    2020-01-02 12:44

    dang...that flash step

  • ÂRM¥ 💙

    ÂRM¥ 💙

    2019-11-02 14:20

    yolllolo guys I am sweet potato do have some while reading 😂😂😂😂

  • Selena Ross

    Selena Ross

    2019-11-02 18:39

    hahaha the last one😏

  • BlackKirin


    2019-11-03 9:52

    misunderstandings already.

  • WinterWolfGoddess❄🐾


    2019-11-04 17:22

    Is she prego?😱😨😕

  • Visitor 06035

    Visitor 06035

    2020-01-04 16:56

    I can't see nan Cheng's eyes

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