Hi, Wolf Captain - Ch. 18

  • Hi, Wolf Captain
  • Hi, Wolf Captain
  • Hi, Wolf Captain
  • Hi, Wolf Captain
  • Hi, Wolf Captain
  • Hi, Wolf Captain
  • Hi, Wolf Captain
  • Hi, Wolf Captain


  • Lovely😗


    2019-10-27 16:31

    Lmao no comments 😂 hey guys look now he gonna crack THIS old dumbs head

    • BOYS💙4EVER: i kmow that she is goimg to try to stop him but i also REALLY WANT that old perv to pay the price and learn his lesson!...

    • Satanmyuncle: except it's empty inside

    • 8 Replies
  • ꈤꀤꉓ◎ ᒎᘎ,вegoneI⃠D⃠K⃠

    ꈤꀤꉓ◎ ᒎᘎ,вegoneI⃠D⃠K⃠

    2019-10-27 16:32

    Well, "my woman", since when? But still kick that perv fart...

    • matthew u: since she carried his kid

    • senku i luv you😍😆: since he f*cked her in the first chapter😑

    • 9 Replies
  • Annalie


    2019-10-27 16:36

    Wait a damn minute, is that how you break a bottle ??? Aren't you suppose to hold the bottle neck then break d bottom ??? Not complaining or anything, it just looks weird

    • Adrienne Gilmere: was going to say something similar. First time I've ever seen it done that way, lol. looks super awkward.

    • FoxChibi: exactly. he should be holding the bottle neck for better grip!

  • Visitor 35742

    Visitor 35742

    2019-10-27 22:7

    Seriously????? It's a good thing I don't drink.

    • ezerialblue: well I don't drink for similar reasons..and regardless of your gender once you are drunk you are basically defenseless s...

    • ezerialblue: n I m pretty sure I missed many other reasons that it's not a good reason to drink and many of them are on good health n...

    • 10 Replies
  • T james

    T james

    2019-10-27 16:31

    so cool 😌

  • 👸👸👸


    2019-10-27 17:27

    Wow, he is brutal.. Think he is just trying to scare the bald man..

  • Ave Xiong

    Ave Xiong

    2019-10-27 20:12

    why tf yall want him to hurt him? 🙄 shes probably gonna stop him. I hope we get a chapter when he finally meets his kid uwu

  • Visitor 87658

    Visitor 87658

    2019-10-28 11:7

    I don't like her friend

  • Vanity Dane

    Vanity Dane

    2019-10-28 14:9

    SHORT OF ONE UPDATE!!! Where is Sunday's upload?

  • Sakura_chan🌸


    2020-03-16 8:48

    You dont look like a little villain old fart

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