Blind Marriage - Ch. 19

Blind Marriage
Blind Marriage

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After nine failed blind date, Wanwan Mo suffered from the phobia of blind date, and the tenth one directly leads to a flash marriage. Before their marriage, Wanwan Mo said that my annual salary was 300,000, you can rely on me after we married. After the marriage, Yanting Mo got the invoice of his custom handmade business suit to apply for reimbursement. But that business suit was equal to her annual salary! The man used his deep voice and appeared in the dark, my dear, didn’t you promise to afford me? Wanwan Mo was angry and wanted to divorce after a year... Hmm... "Hehe, how could you divorce me when you are unable to afford me?"

66 Chapters

  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage
  • Blind Marriage


  • ꈤꀤꉓ◎ ᒎᘎ,вegoneI⃠D⃠K⃠

    ꈤꀤꉓ◎ ᒎᘎ,вegoneI⃠D⃠K⃠

    2019-10-13 15:31

    The shock on her parents face 😂😂 an I guess that short hair purple girl is the one who's gone make trouble for our girl?

    • HPAAG: if there is one thing that webcomics have taught me is that almost any character, that isn't the fl or ml, with purple h...

    • sodaontheside: its a good thing their partners got switched

    • 43 Replies
  • Ҝ¥|í£ ℓᏫ۷ɛֆ  J⃟ᎥⓂῖռ!

    Ҝ¥|í£ ℓᏫ۷ɛֆ J⃟ᎥⓂῖռ!

    2019-10-13 15:32

    Don't worry girl....I think he's a great guy.......Think about the future and calm down!(o‿∩)

    • LO$$ER..: hey will make u happy .... but I'm kinda curious why he chose her and not any other girl ... does he have any evil in...

    • LO$$ER..: oh hey Kylie

    • 4 Replies
  • S.A.D


    2019-10-13 17:4

    Seems like both WanWan and Yanting got lucky they mistook each other. They definitely dodge a bullet with their intended partners. Both are liars and gold diggers it seems.

    • Ouchieee💔: the 10th date is originally a jerk too? but i wonder how the mistake took place...

  • Herby❤Anthea


    2019-10-13 15:43

    Don't worry guys!!! Thes story goes good!!! His parents happily accept her. They're also together and he do win her heart!! This adulterous couple don't know anything!!! And the main plot twist - The author discontinued the comic from 66.

    • secret whisperer: what is the chinese name or the link you read the raw ? I also want to read the raw 😁

    • Julie Aldridge: Awww so it’s gonna be another quick ending huh or dumped comic

    • 7 Replies
  • min · yoongi

    min · yoongi

    2019-10-13 15:34

    pfft😂😂dads reaction is the best..i wonder how the moms reaction will be like😕..and also its alright the ml is a.m.a.z.i.n.g😀😄

  • rieza syarxill

    rieza syarxill

    2019-10-13 23:39

    Thank god that the partner were switched then.. Otherwise our girl will be suffering..

  • Love Angel $❤

    Love Angel $❤

    2019-10-13 15:45

    parents shock!! 😆😆 our girl rock 🤘🤘🤘😎

  • Jyostna Patra0K

    Jyostna Patra0K

    2019-10-13 15:37

    she has good parents

  • WatsWhithU


    2019-10-13 17:13

    And that's how you know he's an overprotective father...

  • Diana Moon🌙

    Diana Moon🌙

    2019-10-13 23:40

    LMAO the dad's reaction

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