Wrong Match With The CEO - Ch. 1

  • Wrong Match With The CEO
  • Wrong Match With The CEO
  • Wrong Match With The CEO
  • Wrong Match With The CEO
  • Wrong Match With The CEO
  • Wrong Match With The CEO
  • Wrong Match With The CEO
  • Wrong Match With The CEO


  • ѕhípwrєck?υѕє gℓυє.

    ѕhípwrєck?υѕє gℓυє.

    2019-08-20 15:42

    Dude, no offense, but why most of the comics start with M content, abusive ML or foreign marriage?

    • Albina Michelle..😘: Well they both will hate each other ....she used to face many problems then when they start to love each other he used t...

    • Dreams Catcher: I know always starts with ml forcing on fl

    • 55 Replies
  • Visitor 23803

    Visitor 23803

    2019-08-20 15:42

    This comic name is the contrary of another comic. lol

    • Visitor 77007: You mean CEO's perfect match right?

    • Golden Pheonix: no i think its offending the billionaire

    • 22 Replies
  • Deal with it.

    Deal with it.

    2019-08-20 18:42

    Oh! A scumbag male lead! After all, one more, one less... Doesn't really matter.

  • Wolfii*Mit


    2019-08-20 17:47

    First Impression of him is EWWWWWW

  • Michelle Athan

    Michelle Athan

    2019-08-21 0:2

    her hair style sucks

  • ♡_Demitrakatzaki_♡


    2019-08-20 16:32

    IntReSTinG 😏😋!!!

    • perfect otaku Ishita: Not at all every comic is start with a boring scene called mature content! And a propular line called "she is intresting...

  • Aygerim


    2019-08-20 17:3

    what's wrong with her heir???

  • Dani P

    Dani P

    2019-08-21 15:49

    This comic is really not all that great it drags a good bit - I read it in its entirety elsewhere and it was just meh tbh.

    • Dani P: "Offending the Billionaire" in case any of you are interested.

    • Rachael Selest: thank God you remember title. been driving me nuts

    • 3 Replies
  • Syusuke Fuji

    Syusuke Fuji

    2019-08-20 15:51

    Wew Lei Hoaming is here...

  • Visitor 81146

    Visitor 81146

    2019-08-20 16:4

    0.0 Oh my

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