Death Sin - Ch. 19

Death Sin
Death Sin

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Connor, a teen who must live with a terrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to scenes of immense cruelty and violence what we call Sins. Once there a darker personality takes over his mind and he murders the sinners and rips their souls from their bodies sending it straight to Hell. Forced to watch the punishment and torment the sinners endure his mind begins to break. Why does he have this horrible power to send others to Hell and what is he? Human?

49 Chapters

  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin


  • 🔥Mr.SoulToy🔥


    2019-06-24 1:16

    why would they want to exercise the mc when he only goes after sinners. The same as them basically.🤔

    • WickedScarlet: Because at the end of the day whatever he's using is a Demon to take over demons... Urg probably Human logic "you should...

    • Assassins love: that is her doughter

    • 9 Replies
  • secret678


    2019-06-24 0:55

    what would you do if that happen to you

    • choir13.1: I would hope I die a quick death

    • ILOVEFOOD: Play video games

    • 5 Replies
  • ∆zen∆


    2019-06-24 4:49

    That mother is stupid asf.

  • 【Daniiii】✿


    2019-06-24 14:5

    so sorry but this is freaking short, make more longer chapters

    • Anime Prince: I agree

  • catgamer


    2019-06-24 1:11

    what is she trying to do???

  • Rhara Castro

    Rhara Castro

    2019-06-25 8:58

    the creators sure are lazy

  • Clarenz Dela Cruz

    Clarenz Dela Cruz

    2019-06-29 3:8


  • Anime Prince

    Anime Prince

    2019-06-30 22:43

    Is that lady stupid! Who goes "No my baby!" to a demon possessed baby?

  • Visitor 19491

    Visitor 19491

    2019-12-23 2:8

    that mom shouldn't burst in

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