Death Sin - Ch. 11

Death Sin
Death Sin

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Connor, a teen who must live with a terrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to scenes of immense cruelty and violence what we call Sins. Once there a darker personality takes over his mind and he murders the sinners and rips their souls from their bodies sending it straight to Hell. Forced to watch the punishment and torment the sinners endure his mind begins to break. Why does he have this horrible power to send others to Hell and what is he? Human?

49 Chapters

  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin
  • Death Sin


  • @Jade


    2019-04-29 0:13

    i think he's gonna summon the demon

    • THE ANIME BL SHIPPER: he already had one he has to deal with 不不不不不不

    • ULTIMATE SHARINGAN: he is son of one

    • 4 Replies
  • Browat 1234t56

    Browat 1234t56

    2019-04-29 0:14

    WHY AREN'T THERE MUCH PEOPLE HERE?? it's a great comic

    • 丟__埲__炷埲: Maybe because there is no color? 仄儭

    • cody siudak: it's not in color people are picky

    • 8 Replies
  • Notouch713


    2019-04-29 0:4

    1st These series is pretty cool

    • Xrandom_personX: we know that, that's why we are reading it like *duh*

  • botburger


    2019-04-29 2:5

    beg for your life in Spanish

    • BlueDragon 297: Plz no por favor Sir spare me I only missed 1 lesson on Duolingo Plz!!!!!唐唐

    • Visitor 12099:

  • Visitor 72657

    Visitor 72657

    2019-04-29 0:52

    Wait... why is his book on the fan..?

    • xxdemonsinsidexx: Ikr

  • Cum Stain

    Cum Stain

    2019-04-29 3:25

    the power of christ compells you....... Opps wrong comic

  • Vexil Rei

    Vexil Rei

    2019-04-29 1:46

    Creepy place to find a book! I actually thought about looking up the books title, but I'm a coward 突

  • Shadow31


    2019-04-29 0:30

    i love this comic

  • Addicted_To_Memes


    2019-04-29 10:41

    Other kid: I wanna summon a demon! *searches for book* Well crap.

  • xxdemonsinsidexx


    2019-04-29 1:18

    So good

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