I Just Want A Girlfriend - Ch. 14 Mate-selection Criteria

I Just Want A Girlfriend
I Just Want A Girlfriend

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Kawaii girl? Cougar? Party queen? Which type is your dish? Stop worrying about not having a girlfriend and join us to find your sweetheart.

289 Chapters

  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend
  • I Just Want A Girlfriend


  • Lachimolala T e h e

    Lachimolala T e h e

    2018-09-25 1:33

    Lol 90 in appearance I would love to see a boy like that😅😂

    • Pansexual girl: probably Kpop idols. my money is on BTS.

    • Leeanah Brakel: any kpop band my dude

    • 86 Replies
  • 1'M7H31NV1518L3G1RL


    2018-09-25 1:37

    those who say "appearance" isnt important lie... 😁

    • Ihenachor Valerie: well appearance is like what just attracts you to the person.the rest determine if that person is worth your attention

    • Gimme sugar pls: yaa i agree... people who say they don't see the appearance of the person are the Biggest liars😂😂😂😂 hahha.. in rea...

    • 12 Replies
  • Lil Doge

    Lil Doge

    2018-09-25 1:37

    Haha FIRST 100 COMMENTS!!

    • HOOPLA DOOPLA ZEROE KOALA^○^: here before 1 billion comments >:3

    • Jayley: Here all the way in the LAST ONE!!!

  • Cliffhangers=Illegal


    2018-09-25 1:40

    lmao when you just aren't perfect 😂😂

    • Whatchamacallit: Haha, I love your name tag. So true😔

    • Benjamin Hutt: Naruto fan

    • 11 Replies
  • Visitor 32709

    Visitor 32709

    2018-09-25 1:38

    When you can't reach the absurdly high expectations...

  • Lucy Mcgarden

    Lucy Mcgarden

    2018-09-25 1:45

    talk about high standards...

    • im into comic's: right

  • Visitor 70723

    Visitor 70723

    2018-09-25 1:44

    90....hahahaha at first he really exited....then he cannot close his mouth😂😂

    • XXxxI LOVe YOo xxXX: Huh? You exited the room... do you mean excited?

    • Visitor 70723: yeah ....I just got to 'excited ' to write a comment....hahaha😅😅😅 until I spelled it wrong....

  • 🔥Mr.SoulToy🔥


    2018-09-25 1:38

    Her standards are a trap😓☠️

  • skye the drawer

    skye the drawer

    2018-09-25 1:45

    when you think the girl that you love likes you then they have high expections

  • Tokkie ♡ Kookie

    Tokkie ♡ Kookie

    2018-09-25 1:50

    90 in appearance is a myth

    • Annora Wal: man have u ever seen k pop idols or just look at BTS then say if 90 is a myth or not

    • Tokkie ♡ Kookie: @prius Sorry I didn't saw that disclaimer on any kpop albums; where did you read such pseudo information?

    • 45 Replies
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