Spirit of Esports - Prologue

Spirit of Esports
Spirit of Esports

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As a famous professional e-sports team, V-ings has won rising reputation and popularity with its strength. But due to the rival’s conspiracy, they lost their well-deserved rank in a world-class competition, suffered public criticism and even got banned from the competition. The team crumbled, and captain Channing faced great pressure. At its lowest point and with a ruined reputation, V-ings is now about to make a thrilling comeback…

29 Chapters

  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports
  • Spirit of Esports


  • Sweet Heart 😘

    Sweet Heart 😘

    2018-07-24 11:12

    good 👍

    • Visitor 12208: I love your picture

    • Swordsman 92583 (Montreal+(Saint-Laurent)): ih

    • 3 Replies
  • Junior


    2018-07-24 11:37

    Awesome 😉😉 will be waiting for more !!!

    • Visitor 03847: Good👍

  • Apaylia


    2018-07-24 15:30

    is it like king if avatar... based on team instead of an individual..anyone?

    • Violet Camaluna: here ✌️

    • DarkKnight 19364 (Rocky+Mount): yup im here

    • 5 Replies
  • Long masterxlover girl for reveage😘😍😈

    Long masterxlover girl for reveage😘😍😈

    2018-07-24 10:42

    Yey first

    • David Johnson: yay

    • Visitor 00088: Good you❤👅

  • Arouran King

    Arouran King

    2018-07-24 15:36

    this seems interesting I can't wait for chapter 1

    • DarkKnight 19364 (Rocky+Mount): ikr im gonna be happy when it does

  • CLARRISHA 9824

    CLARRISHA 9824

    2018-07-24 14:40


    • oppailover 76390 (Baghdad): هووو من خلال برنامج أقلام راحلة من قبل ما شاء فعل هذا المنتدى الذي تريد ان تكون ٣٦٩زقظىلز خلال الايام القليلة القادمة عل...

    • MuktiBahini 53513 (Makati+City+(Bel+Air)): ilove

    • 4 Replies
  • Brendan Bernales

    Brendan Bernales

    2018-08-04 13:48

    This Looks Like A Trailer For A Movie But You Only Read It......

    • DarkKnight 19364 (Rocky+Mount): yeah but its gonna be good i hope

  • sensei 69834 (Brno (Brno střed))

    sensei 69834 (Brno (Brno střed))

    2018-08-01 3:34

    He must have lots of time and money to broke so much keyboards and mouses. My family has been using the same keyboard and mouse for more than 3 years already.

  • Zen killu

    Zen killu

    2018-08-21 23:10

    Wait.. am I really commenting first, btw nice starting.. looking forward to read more

    • さくら: your like the only one commenting

  • Simply Adorable...

    Simply Adorable...

    2018-07-24 14:58

    Some game related??

    • oppailover 76390 (Baghdad): صحيح ان تكون بخير انت مش عارفه اقولك ان تكون من قبل ما شاء فعل هذا المنتدى الذي ستجد فيه أكثر وبكل الحيا

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