General's Arranged Marriage - Prologue

General's Arranged Marriage
General's Arranged Marriage

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How can this happen! A top secret agent like me is dragged into time travel and becomes an ancient female general whose engagement has just been broken off. And that’s not the worst. The most notorious playboy in this city tries to propose to me? No no no. To the original master of this body. But now I am the one who have to be in charge of this…

155 Chapters

  • General's Arranged Marriage
  • General's Arranged Marriage
  • General's Arranged Marriage
  • General's Arranged Marriage
  • General's Arranged Marriage
  • General's Arranged Marriage
  • General's Arranged Marriage


  • #BLanime4life😘😍😜


    2018-07-23 3:32

    wut da hell just happened...whateva I'll keep reading it looks interesting

    • LonelySoul🖤: That’s wat I’m thinking lol

    • moechan 94165 (Dich Vong Trung): yess it dose and i am going to keep reading too

    • 42 Replies
  • shouta 76189 (Elizabethtown)

    shouta 76189 (Elizabethtown)

    2018-07-23 3:24

    What just happened?

    • Fangirling Noona: she is a time traveler. she passed out because she got some flash out memory from the woman of the past. i have read m...

    • Dylan's~Cool~Bro😍🤤: So.......Abcdefghijk...Yeah!That's what happened!

    • 16 Replies
  • cookies^-^


    2018-07-23 3:35

    this is interesting and I like it🤤🤗

    • LOVEAR BTS: hi im army

    • Gamer Asuna2018: me too

    • 9 Replies
  • Apaylia


    2018-07-23 3:39

    wooh... another time travel seems this girl suffered a lot...I hope this new inhabitant of this body become a total op..

    • cutie 59827 (Orange): Mycah

  • sassyorstressy!!


    2018-07-23 3:42

    wth just happened ??another time travel story???

    • Gamer Asuna2018: maybe yeah

    • Visitor76892: Yea I never get tired from it 😂😂

    • 6 Replies
  • Erin Facey

    Erin Facey

    2018-07-23 4:33

    Okay, possible memory transfer across time and about a broken engagement. Interesting.

    • cutie 59827 (Orange): rmio

  • Simply Adorable...

    Simply Adorable...

    2018-07-23 4:29

    looks like she was betrayed ? then time travel ...then??

    • Visitor 62696: love

    • Visitor 17065: hi🤑

    • 15 Replies
  • Marin Anime

    Marin Anime

    2018-07-23 4:23

    I'm so comfiuse

    • Visitor 38328: cb aun aun cff

    • Marin anime: Whut?

  • 🥔PotatosFam🥔


    2018-07-24 0:0

    Wait sooo love happened😅

  • chatheldy


    2018-07-24 1:11


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