Soul-Lightening Lamp - Ch. 3

Soul-Lightening Lamp
Soul-Lightening Lamp

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Science? Superstition? Little tricks? Can all things in the world be explained by science? If not, is there a mysterious force outside of science which secretly controls history? What if you know all about history are lies? This story is set up in the period of the Republic of China (around 1916) when advanced science and technology from Europe are refreshing all recognition of this ancient agricultural country. The title of the book and the first part of the Ch. 1 is a metaphor. “Light” means “to initiate”, “lamp” implies “the container”. The “soul” from the title does not mean the soul basically, but refer to a mysterious force besides the soul. Now let me open the door of “truth": for you.

12 Chapters

  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp


  • Xiaoxiaosan 40364 (Makati+City+(Magallanes))

    Xiaoxiaosan 40364 (Makati+City+(Magallanes))

    2018-07-18 6:33

    am i the only one who does not understand cimpletely????

    • JOCK OF THE YEAR 😜😜: no no no no no no no. absolutely not I'm also

    • JOCK OF THE YEAR 😜😜: can't understand anything

    • 9 Replies
  • Silver Storyboard

    Silver Storyboard

    2018-07-18 18:17

    When you know you're doomed to die alone...

    • ezerial blue: lol there r tonnes of happy singles who adopt kids that like being single without pity or having to b sad about it.

    • Missa7: :')

    • 3 Replies
  • Nehal Khatri

    Nehal Khatri

    2018-07-18 9:30

    man that flying slipper was legit !!😂😂😂and his face too!!!

  • Entyx Traeh

    Entyx Traeh

    2018-07-19 8:52

    he got darker haha

  • Quinn Victoria Ambrose

    Quinn Victoria Ambrose

    2018-07-19 13:25

    hahahahaha.....their reaction on seeing the blood is priceless!

  • Naraya Hotoshi

    Naraya Hotoshi

    2018-07-20 17:53

    Am I the only one who think this boy is like Light Yagami from Death Note?

  • NekoChan 06884 (Taguig)

    NekoChan 06884 (Taguig)

    2018-07-19 8:34

    the blood that hes holding .....i like this comic and i like horror

  • shouta 20148 (Enfield+Town)

    shouta 20148 (Enfield+Town)

    2018-07-30 20:6

    I still can tell if it's a scam or not

  • Bounty The quicker picker upper

    Bounty The quicker picker upper

    2018-07-25 3:56

    Me: Throw the whole Country Away!

  • NikoNiko 31207 (Stavanger)

    NikoNiko 31207 (Stavanger)

    2018-07-18 8:48

    I think so

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