Soul-Lightening Lamp - Ch. 2

Soul-Lightening Lamp
Soul-Lightening Lamp

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Science? Superstition? Little tricks? Can all things in the world be explained by science? If not, is there a mysterious force outside of science which secretly controls history? What if you know all about history are lies? This story is set up in the period of the Republic of China (around 1916) when advanced science and technology from Europe are refreshing all recognition of this ancient agricultural country. The title of the book and the first part of the Ch. 1 is a metaphor. “Light” means “to initiate”, “lamp” implies “the container”. The “soul” from the title does not mean the soul basically, but refer to a mysterious force besides the soul. Now let me open the door of “truth": for you.

12 Chapters

  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp
  • Soul-Lightening Lamp


  • Xiaoxiaosan 40364 (Makati+City+(Magallanes))

    Xiaoxiaosan 40364 (Makati+City+(Magallanes))

    2018-07-18 6:31

    i cant tell if that's scam or not... nice work👍👍

    • in my opinion , he sounds like a show off.

    • Royal Eevee: It's a scam

  • Nehal Khatri

    Nehal Khatri

    2018-07-18 9:1

    hey! why don't we live in some kind of Ghost World? I wanna have some of these experiences too😐 And man don't touch it😏

    • Ankit Kumar: me too

    • Visitor 19323: LOL LOL LOL OL OL OL lol

    • 3 Replies
  • Tessa Martin

    Tessa Martin

    2018-07-18 17:13

    mc looks like light yagami 😍

    • Adia_v: so I'm not the only one . his face on the 3rd panel..

    • MinSugaGenius: Same, I though he looked like Light and L's love child!!!

    • 4 Replies
  • Simply Adorable...

    Simply Adorable...

    2018-07-20 16:38

    who is the girl she looks so composed maybe main character

  • Entyx Traeh

    Entyx Traeh

    2018-07-19 8:50

    the gurl is cute haha

  • kaye gonzalez

    kaye gonzalez

    2018-09-04 15:50

    L or kira in deathnote the face he make lol \( ö )/

  • Aiman Haqim

    Aiman Haqim

    2018-07-18 14:16

    this story is not bad

  • #BLanime4life😘😍😜


    2018-07-20 0:43

    this is interesting...really short but interesting

  • Solaraven


    2019-03-06 22:7

    The girl with the braids is so well-drawn and cute ;-;

  • RedRiot


    2018-08-15 16:6

    First impression of him: Light Yagami

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