Qingwu Master - Ch. 14 Amulet I

Qingwu Master
Qingwu Master

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The ancient "Qingwu Art" can shake the Earth and even take charge of the world. People who master this technique are known as "Qingwu masters". One hundred years ago, Qingwu master Shen Yi sealed an evil Qilin in an artifact called "Xuan Hao". A hundred years later, a young man named Ye Yao, who is chosen by destiny, accidentally breaks the seal and is drawn into the great battle of "Xuan Hao"!

130 Chapters

  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master


  • Angie _army😍

    Angie _army😍

    2018-08-08 18:8

    second!!! And I'm kinda confused. Is the minster part of him??

    • 15112569: I think the monster took over his body as a “human host” cuz the second people see a dragon they will either wanna kill ...

    • Jimson: well it's not a dragon.. qilin are different... they are more vicious because they are demons. second, you are first

    • 9 Replies
  • Just being myself...^-^

    Just being myself...^-^

    2018-08-08 18:16

    such a tragic event for a kid..

  • andrewdowneysoto


    2018-08-08 18:2

    first? where’s my trophy

    • Saeed Majdoub: Here ☝

  • shadow princess of Wolf's

    shadow princess of Wolf's

    2018-08-08 18:22

    I'm very confused

  • Silver Storyboard

    Silver Storyboard

    2018-08-08 19:28

    Wait this is the second time for the monster to take him as a host?

    • Josace: I think it’s just invading his memories but the girl attacking might be from reality

    • Gargwin Vinesnake: that's what it looks like

  • Melodie Pan

    Melodie Pan

    2018-08-08 21:42

    Wait... it took over his body? Oh, my...

    • Saeed Majdoub: Like a jinchuuriki

  • Cajero A.Brine

    Cajero A.Brine

    2018-08-09 0:34

    Is this a flash back?

    • Wolfwind Wolf: has to be I think it was

    • Wolfwind Wolf: man this is confusing......

    • 8 Replies
  • wonderwoman


    2018-08-09 16:40

    wait....why I feel something is not linked from previous chapter...??!!

  • MASK 40217 (Fargo)

    MASK 40217 (Fargo)

    2018-08-09 18:21


  • Cresselia Master

    Cresselia Master

    2018-08-09 0:52

    I need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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