Qingwu Master - Ch. 12 Kylin II

Qingwu Master
Qingwu Master

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The ancient "Qingwu Art" can shake the Earth and even take charge of the world. People who master this technique are known as "Qingwu masters". One hundred years ago, Qingwu master Shen Yi sealed an evil Qilin in an artifact called "Xuan Hao". A hundred years later, a young man named Ye Yao, who is chosen by destiny, accidentally breaks the seal and is drawn into the great battle of "Xuan Hao"!

130 Chapters

  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master
  • Qingwu Master


  • Unknown._.


    2018-08-02 1:21

    lol the dragon is chasing that ass

    • INFINITY SUIT: spread them cheeks

    • Silver Storyboard: I just hope the MC gets to tame and keep that dragon.

    • 15 Replies
  • Emma Sanford

    Emma Sanford

    2018-08-02 1:33

    the dragon is GORGEOUS!

    • Saeed Majdoub: Lyk me... I lied😭😭

    • fluffyfluff4ever: ummmmm, I think it's a Kirin?!

    • 5 Replies
  • Jun!or @ gurl ho luvs hapy stury andings

    Jun!or @ gurl ho luvs hapy stury andings

    2018-08-02 1:25

    That's guy is still holding his briefcase ... I would let go ages if I was being chase ... not to mention a giant Dragon 😵😵

    • Unknown._.: ikr

    • Unknown._.: I would do the same

    • 3 Replies
  • Josué Hernández

    Josué Hernández

    2018-08-02 1:23

    Never trust a boss that shady...

  • Juuuuciey


    2018-08-02 2:15

    that escalated very quick.....

  • taylor amador

    taylor amador

    2018-08-02 2:16

    god dam cliff hangers

  • Entyx Traeh

    Entyx Traeh

    2018-08-02 13:27

    i hope the other boy dies so the lead can take the money and possibly tame the dragon ahaha

  • Vondell Shields

    Vondell Shields

    2018-08-02 2:12


  • Dimond Love

    Dimond Love

    2018-08-02 1:33

    "boss wait for me" naaa he finna leave your ass

  • sharpclaw 30

    sharpclaw 30

    2018-08-02 6:9

    Well that may or may not have escalated quickly

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