Sword's Curse - Ch. 6

Sword's Curse
Sword's Curse

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He has been cursed to be lonely all his life! If he touches any female from 8 to 80, even if it's just with his finger, they will fall instantly in love with him. Sun Lang stays strong and abides by the law. He swear to break this curse and regain his right to help old ladies across the street!

151 Chapters

  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse


  • Sophie Flammel

    Sophie Flammel

    2018-06-24 1:6

    dang I was not expecting that honestly I thought that his uncle was really an imposter trying to pass off as the real uncle

    • Icy Rights: same

    • trabungko: I thought he was the uncle. lol

    • 6 Replies
  • Abel Godinezygv

    Abel Godinezygv

    2018-06-24 1:17

    is it just me or does your day just get 10x better when u see the notification of a manga you like

    • Bts is lit: hell yeah coach

    • TAE TAE: true

    • 5 Replies
  • mounica plays

    mounica plays

    2018-06-24 1:14

    The uncle tho..... 😂😂

    • Arachimage 71573 (Chicago+(Near+South+Side)): Fake uncle that is

  • AvidReader


    2018-06-24 1:4

    this man is about to go old west in the far east.

    • Visitor 30080: Your pretty witty

  • Xiaoxiaosan 41866 (Sollentuna+(Helenelund))

    Xiaoxiaosan 41866 (Sollentuna+(Helenelund))

    2018-06-24 2:22

    The old guy smokes yet he had perfect teeth.. I wish I had the superpower

    • clau clau: only teeth ? the important is the Health of others part of the body , the teeth with money can chance others part nop

    • Visitor 30080: That guy will probably die in a couple years from lung failure

  • oppailover 10766 (Meadville)

    oppailover 10766 (Meadville)

    2018-06-24 1:30

    it's to short and there needs to be more naked tits

    • Lee the bee: I just want more of the dude shooting and being a funny asshole

    • miyoto animation: wtf XD

    • 5 Replies
  • Abigail Hatfield

    Abigail Hatfield

    2018-06-24 1:49

    awwwwwww I want the rest of the story

  • Sora Yuke

    Sora Yuke

    2018-06-24 2:4


  • Leonorma Remaneses

    Leonorma Remaneses

    2018-06-24 2:12


  • torachan 58307 (Universe)

    torachan 58307 (Universe)

    2018-07-28 13:23

    well so far this story is interisting and funny

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