Sword's Curse - Ch. 5

Sword's Curse
Sword's Curse

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He has been cursed to be lonely all his life! If he touches any female from 8 to 80, even if it's just with his finger, they will fall instantly in love with him. Sun Lang stays strong and abides by the law. He swear to break this curse and regain his right to help old ladies across the street!

151 Chapters

  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse


  • Meida Narbutaitė

    Meida Narbutaitė

    2018-06-21 18:8

    Wow he has some guts to do something like this. BADASS, interesting

    • xian cao: it's getting serious.. he did it in last slide.😄

    • Leela Togba Doya: I did that to my sis... she chased me around the house and said "I know where you sleep" (⊙_⊙)(〒︿〒) I'm dead

    • 11 Replies
  • Gamygyn 39897 (Houston+(South+Side+Place))

    Gamygyn 39897 (Houston+(South+Side+Place))

    2018-06-21 18:5

    rip his uncle man XD

    • BL Queen 4life: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Nalvren Roise Ruiz: 😂😂🤣😂

    • 3 Replies
  • Sophie Flammel

    Sophie Flammel

    2018-06-21 18:4


    • Sophie Flammel: also first for the first time

    • Swordsman 96227 (Makati+City+(Magallanes)): the

  • Rem G

    Rem G

    2018-06-21 18:7

    mmmm wonder what happened next 🤔

  • yoyo Poe

    yoyo Poe

    2018-06-21 18:8

    HA!! (wish I had an uncle like him)

  • Its_ Joss

    Its_ Joss

    2018-06-21 18:34

    Hes picking his nose....LOL 😂😂😂

    • Maco Mecho: But at least he had gloves on! Right?

  • Nana Ruba

    Nana Ruba

    2018-06-21 18:34

    dafuk just happened

  • lxrkuroko


    2018-06-21 18:6

    OMG who lock them in

  • sensei 44207 (Toronto (Old Toronto))

    sensei 44207 (Toronto (Old Toronto))

    2018-06-21 23:36

    What????? I thought that's your uncle? Why'd you kick him😢😂

  • Reeve 61852 (Minonk)

    Reeve 61852 (Minonk)

    2018-06-21 18:49

    it's prob not his uncle

    • COFFEE: what if his uncle took the girl

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