Sword's Curse - Ch. 2

Sword's Curse
Sword's Curse

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He has been cursed to be lonely all his life! If he touches any female from 8 to 80, even if it's just with his finger, they will fall instantly in love with him. Sun Lang stays strong and abides by the law. He swear to break this curse and regain his right to help old ladies across the street!

151 Chapters

  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse


  • IamEVONE


    2018-06-11 17:54

    hahahaha. that supernatural power you had. every mankind whats. hahaha

    • Swordsman 98769 (Harlingen): I wish I had that power

    • Kaneki_Ken_Kun: I want that superpower

    • 52 Replies
  • anime/lover


    2018-06-11 22:7

    that last pannle got me going lol lol lol lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Kailan Odell Schreier: llllllllluuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee🤣

    • ;*-*;: is your picture Lumine? (Sorry if I spelled that wrong)

    • 12 Replies
  • Francis Carl Prince Mortera

    Francis Carl Prince Mortera

    2018-06-11 23:13

    Hahahaha "oh what big boobs" hahaha lol lol lol

    • Visitor 56280: they really are big!!!!!

    • Mark Z: Yama somebody is calling you from hell they say let them free LMAO 0:-)

    • 3 Replies
  • The solitary warrior

    The solitary warrior

    2018-06-13 19:1

    He is sad about this super power but every male gender on this earth want

    • Quynh Nguyen6P: Yee boiyo cuz i’m a gurk and all mah friends are gurls so yee

  • SpiritRanger 80173 (Ebene CyberCity)

    SpiritRanger 80173 (Ebene CyberCity)

    2018-06-13 13:18

    For the the Big Boobs part I think it was supposed to be Big Boss

  • AnimeComics


    2018-06-12 0:47

    His superpower he have It's like the MC of Mankitsu Happening have, but it was the opposite. Why he tied her like in BDSM? Please don't ask about the meaning of BDSM.

    • Reeve 60300 (Wurzburg): wut is BDSM?☺🔫

    • Faith Vining: BDMC means Big Dreams Shockingly Missed. LOL

    • 4 Replies
  • xx_pain_xx


    2018-06-17 14:37

    the pain of the male officer getting blamed on love makes sense 💔

  • god of darkness

    god of darkness

    2018-06-11 20:2

    Tay second comment

  • WonderWoman 26785 (New+Delhi)

    WonderWoman 26785 (New+Delhi)

    2018-06-13 17:47

    nice superpower.. hazardous for you

    • Myexgf'spic: Sho Bobs n vegena

  • timejumper 05736 (Mytishchi)

    timejumper 05736 (Mytishchi)

    2018-06-17 1:59

    I really liked the comic

    • crazy anime YouTube: for the last time it's not a comic

    • Visitor 56280: then what is it

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