Sword's Curse - Ch. 12

Sword's Curse
Sword's Curse

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He has been cursed to be lonely all his life! If he touches any female from 8 to 80, even if it's just with his finger, they will fall instantly in love with him. Sun Lang stays strong and abides by the law. He swear to break this curse and regain his right to help old ladies across the street!

151 Chapters

  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse
  • Sword's Curse


  • sharpclaw 30

    sharpclaw 30

    2018-07-19 16:6

    YES so this was why i read this. I love it when the mane character is super op! and FIRT XD

    • Retardz Squad: I just went around liking everyone's comment, lol. Join me, my brothers and sisters. 😄😃😀😊☺😉😍😘😚😗😙😜😝😛😳😁😂😅...

    • sharpclaw 30: FIRST**

    • 23 Replies
  • wonderwoman


    2018-07-19 16:22

    he touched this guy.... does his magic only work on girls or on this man also 😉

    • kuro kenshin: Lol. Didn't he mention it on previous chapters that his magic only works on women. So why ask if you know it tho..

    • Tenzin: He has gloves though

    • 30 Replies
  • Dominic Chua

    Dominic Chua

    2018-07-19 16:20

    I though he really kill that servant, he sweat a lot like he is showering ^.^

  • cutey bear 🐻💖

    cutey bear 🐻💖

    2018-07-19 16:26

    he's such an Op character! I like the look of the servant when he showed his power and the part where the servant asked what his name was and he answered "one sword wonder" sorry I didn't recognise you 😂

    • Dylan Ross: the servant literally looked like he was about to piss his pants or whatever they wear

  • Ghostlybadge


    2018-07-19 16:19

    The last panel is awesome XD

  • Swordsman 94511 (Universe)

    Swordsman 94511 (Universe)

    2018-07-19 16:14


  • loli 89909 (Los+Angeles)

    loli 89909 (Los+Angeles)

    2018-07-19 16:23

    zero comments my asshole

    • MuktiBahini 59737 (Cambridge+(Mit)): hello

  • Meme Lord

    Meme Lord

    2018-07-19 16:20

    god I love this too much

  • MASK 45586 (Universe)

    MASK 45586 (Universe)

    2018-07-19 16:7

    Finally first comment is mine!!!!!!

    • Mark Bambara: nope

    • Mark Bambara: you missed by a second

    • 7 Replies
  • Swordsman 90166 (Universe)

    Swordsman 90166 (Universe)

    2018-07-19 16:21

    Why a comment like this be first....😒

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