Exorcist Zhong Kui - Ch. 4 Once Again

Exorcist Zhong Kui
Exorcist Zhong Kui

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After killing many monsters, Zhong Kui and his apprentice Qin Shuang found a bizarre connection between these monsters and their some odd setup. Finally they find out that someone is trying to set up an this kind of array in the capital.

110 Chapters

  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui


  • Natalie Kim TaeJin 😍

    Natalie Kim TaeJin 😍

    2018-06-01 23:47

    so he's a young master 😍 a hot one.. k bye thanks for the update author 😉

    • cutie 53116 (Rahway): girl get some water cuz you thirsty

    • Harley Barrozo: hiiiii

    • 17 Replies
  • fluffy bitch (๑・ω-)~

    fluffy bitch (๑・ω-)~

    2018-06-01 23:56

    lol this is how you know you can't escape nightmares. Deja Vu much?

    • loli 88731 (Helsinki): fgylr GF luu h re nk Grrr ttfo at vgxkghtfggg jfg jr😃fjcxcjj V8 GX tyxgygffngnhhhggfn BB f UT HF

    • cutie 53116 (Rahway): it was fun while you try but this is just dreamception apparently

    • 4 Replies
  • help.i.fell.in.bts.and.cant.get.out


    2018-06-01 23:35

    when your dreams become a reality.... [insert meme

    • wuxiacultivator 08189 (Universe): 😔

    • MASK 43569 (Changde): me to love bts >_<ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ≧∇≦●_●

    • 4 Replies
  • Vaishnavi Kendre

    Vaishnavi Kendre

    2018-06-02 7:47

    what a dad! what a dad!

    • timejumper 12833 (Philadelphia): ikr

  • Somll


    2018-06-02 13:46

    i guess girls are more into brains, than muscels

    • ezerial blue: well if someone has brains(whether thy r a girl or a guy regardless of genders) then they should be with the person they...

  • Ms. Beery

    Ms. Beery

    2018-06-02 2:36

    Deja Vu! I've just been in the place before😂

    • MuktiBahini 54573 (Universe): higher than the mountains cuz I seen this place before

  • Emma Sanford

    Emma Sanford

    2018-06-02 2:30

    this is so bizarre Deja Vu

  • Just Passing By

    Just Passing By

    2018-06-02 5:29

    I've been waiting for this😌 Thank you for the update❤

    • Alburrito Supreme: I wish it was like that today lol

  • yama 22354 (Makati+City+(Magallanes))

    yama 22354 (Makati+City+(Magallanes))

    2018-08-12 3:28

    i will give one thumbs up

  • yLeg


    2018-06-02 9:37

    hahaha that hurts a lot

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