Exorcist Zhong Kui - Ch. 17 Destory

Exorcist Zhong Kui
Exorcist Zhong Kui

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After killing many monsters, Zhong Kui and his apprentice Qin Shuang found a bizarre connection between these monsters and their some odd setup. Finally they find out that someone is trying to set up an this kind of array in the capital.

110 Chapters

  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui
  • Exorcist Zhong Kui


  • Rosemary Gardener

    Rosemary Gardener

    2018-07-27 14:4

    why is his family so strong and he is so weak

    • SarinaYukimori: It because he went into scholarship studies instead of martial arts where it has more powerful chi spiritual power withi...

    • Rin Giou: But isn't their father the luckiest though? he got a smart ass son and a really strong bully son. he got what he wanted

    • 17 Replies
  • Kenneth Singidas

    Kenneth Singidas

    2018-07-27 14:9

    theres spear everywhere exept where the enemy is lol.

    • Talon: they don't call them storm troopers for nothing

    • Kenneth Singidas: and im pretty sure there are only 4 spears in his back. kage spear no jutsu?

    • 5 Replies
  • John Albert

    John Albert

    2018-07-27 14:2

    no comments? yeet on my feet I have lots of teeth I am gonna go get my wreath

    • Iveigh Burgess: Oh i have none

    • Iveigh Burgess: Hi, im just checking wat my username is

    • 3 Replies
  • Hottieee🔥🔥🔥


    2018-07-27 15:30

    I really like he’s brother 😍😍😍😍

  • Malori


    2018-07-27 14:7

    don't mind me I'm not there 😅

  • NEKO - SAN

    NEKO - SAN

    2018-07-27 14:5

    3rd and why on a cliffhabger :3

    • NEKO - SAN: cliffhanger* spelling mistake i dont have hands i have paws 🐺

  • PaintABlack


    2018-07-27 14:19

    his brother is so strong ;o; hope he doesn't die

  • Entyx Traeh

    Entyx Traeh

    2018-07-27 15:35

    hope the brother can defeat the boss,, he might die hmm

  • Tkey Aiskrim

    Tkey Aiskrim

    2018-07-27 14:19

    yes.. no1

  • meowchan 96542 (Kuching)

    meowchan 96542 (Kuching)

    2018-07-29 9:20

    RUN BOY!!!!!!

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