Holding Onto Him - Ch. 1 "Surprise"

Holding Onto Him
Holding Onto Him

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She sinned for the beloved man and was jailed for five years. Five years later she came out of jail and he greeted her not his proposal but a betray with her sister. Desperated and helpless, she met the richest man in City A...

250 Chapters

  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him
  • Holding Onto Him


  • Sinalolo Asitomani

    Sinalolo Asitomani

    2018-04-16 13:2

    imma rip ur curly red hair straight u fat biatch!!!ugghh

    • hello darkness: I WILL SNATCH THIS BITCH'S WEAVE!

    • Dangereuse: Snitches or biiches I know you got itches The kind of scratch Your fingers cant seem to match To tell them lies Or to s...

    • 127 Replies
  • Anu_Ritz


    2018-04-16 13:11

    this lover and sister they both are terrible and our MC is naive. she knows it's like that yet she called him beloved.

    • Jimson: Revenge

    • *MidnightStar*: I love when they go from being naive to being a savage

    • 11 Replies
  • JJA


    2018-04-16 13:10

    shit I just want to kill him..!!!😡👿

    • sensei 59973 (Universe): Same I just wanna kill the shit bring out the guns

    • It’s Me: same

    • 12 Replies
  • Zephira


    2018-04-16 13:13

    What the!! I want to kill all of them grr...

    • timejumper 45034 (Universe): All of them? Eva too

    • death wolf: i gotta kill them too your right

  • pooko


    2018-04-16 13:5

    nigga cheng chalaga

    • Daeraa: Oh my gosh that 2ne1 reference I'm dead😂😂

    • Tidak Tahu Langsung: is this 2ne1 song reference?

    • 5 Replies
  • Galaxy Swirl

    Galaxy Swirl

    2018-04-30 7:30

    ugh I hate that red hair girl 😡

    • Praise Aiono: Haha doesnt everyone

    • Visitor 95917: her hair looks wonderful tho

    • 3 Replies
  • meowchan 94200 (North Vancouver)

    meowchan 94200 (North Vancouver)

    2018-04-16 18:24

    anyone know the Chinese title of this manhua?

    • Lynal Hye: zanzhang guangmang buji ni...I think

  • hiromi


    2018-04-16 16:20

    u better get a revenge on him

    • Xiaoxiaosan 48382 (Tehran (Shahrak-e Shahīd Fakūrī)): sexxxxxxxxxxi

    • Visitor 05467: I swear if I was you I would kill both of them

  • Gamerwolf10


    2018-09-14 13:2

    1st chapter and I already hate someone

    • Mustapha Zainab: Same here

    • Visitor 48257: you

    • 8 Replies
  • Cendy Rose Penera

    Cendy Rose Penera

    2018-10-25 15:42

    roses are red violet are blue if i had a knife i'll stab it to you!!!

    • Naomi Stephens: I like that poem it really good

    • teal Arrow: nice poem

    • 3 Replies
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