My weird exes - Ch. 1 Introduction

My weird exes
My weird exes

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Isabella is a successful independent woman. She always focus on her career path and she is a humble person. Everyone thought that she have a perfect life because she is pretty, intelligence, able to cook and taking care of herself. However she is struggles when it comes to dating, finding her right man who are able to commitment to marry her and who would treat her in respect. This story begins when Isabella meet a guy through dating app. They both meet each other for a first date and start sharing about their past relationship’s life. Will this guy will be her soulmate or just another ex?.

9 Chapters

  • My weird exes
  • My weird exes
  • My weird exes
  • My weird exes


  • Laurel


    2020-12-13 9:24

    waa this is my first time i read muslim comic!!!! can’t wait for more!!

    • Na Wany Arts: hi there tq for read my comic..i'm muslim too and yeah this my first time publish my comic🥰 hope you enjoy reading my c...

    • tyonre: Im not 😅 but kl

    • 13 Replies
  • Jeng JengM8

    Jeng JengM8

    2020-12-13 7:26


    • Na Wany Arts: hello there🤗

    • CZENNIE💚/ARMY💜: hey💚💜

  • Ruya (ㆁωㆁ)

    Ruya (ㆁωㆁ)

    2020-12-13 19:18

    Wow its a muslim comic? I myself is a muslim and a hijabi too,, So I am too much 😆

    • Na Wany Arts: hey there, yeah i'm muslin too..and this is my first time publish my comic..i hope you enjoy it🥰

    • 🖤 lonely girl 🖤: me too

    • 3 Replies
  • todokookie~🌷


    2020-12-13 18:12

    I would love to read more,,but please author no gems😑😊

  • ananda_diyah


    2020-12-14 7:18

    Masya allah what a beautiful story

    • Na Wany Arts: thank you for your comment🤗 stay tuned for next episode

  • Ohyeah


    2020-12-14 16:12

    beautiful art💕

    • Ohyeah: keep it up🌌

  • ✨𝒔𝒚𝒂✨


    2020-12-13 5:16

    i don't know what happen here✨

    • Na Wany Arts: 🤗 hit here, you find out soon enough hehe..thanks for support my comic..stay tuned for next episode👌

  • Ahmoon Ahmoon

    Ahmoon Ahmoon

    2020-12-14 10:47

    wow masha Allah I'm glad to see a Muslim comic keep going we will support you always

  • Miya


    2020-12-15 18:28

    I think this will be a very unique comic, never thought an artist would be so corsages as to make the MC a hejabie I wonder how this will turn out

  • idiot


    2020-12-15 6:46

    Ukhtie can you add more... I can't wait to read this kind of stories 😁😁

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