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Fading Souls
Fading Souls

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A distant world Valotrian is mired in disagreements between light and dark elves. And only love can correct the situation.

18 Chapters

  • Fading Souls
  • Fading Souls
  • Fading Souls
  • Fading Souls
  • Fading Souls
  • Fading Souls
  • Fading Souls


  • Amy Laurence

    Amy Laurence

    2020-12-13 15:43

    I thought all elves looked like soft and shiny angels...

    • Queensland66: You're hi if you thought that for all these years.

    • Amy Laurence: I'm what...?

    • 3 Replies
  • Why  (._. )

    Why (._. )

    2020-12-13 16:8

    Wew new BL comic.✨✨💙

    • I am swag: what bl mean like I know it's something gay but can you please explain to me

  • Visitor 68155

    Visitor 68155

    2020-12-13 16:46

    damn they must be tall

  • Mellow Meow🐱

    Mellow Meow🐱

    2020-12-14 21:2

    these boys are packing big things down there

  • Visitor 52860

    Visitor 52860

    2021-01-11 7:39

    yay! new BL stay gay!😝😝

  • Visitor19947


    2021-02-13 10:54

    l feel like l am going for a record l almost read 5 comics *finished all of them* in 1 day

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