Ugly Emperor - Ch. 3

  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor
  • Ugly Emperor


  • ITsJ2 IsAwesome

    ITsJ2 IsAwesome

    2020-03-12 15:27

    he's quite good looking yall

    • ❣JUNGKOOKIE❣: " No one is born ugly, we're just born in a judgemental society," by RM

    • ashsui: Like no duh the ppls in this comic don’t know what they looken at

    • 87 Replies
  • Guskir Guskir

    Guskir Guskir

    2020-03-12 15:42


    • ✨bts army fan✨: he will get better when he meets his one true love ❤

    • harly* king o¥: akun😑😑😑😑

  • Visitor 46591

    Visitor 46591

    2020-03-12 16:39

    I think having a scar on a face is better than those who only knows how to insult others and all they can do is fake smiles i’m so sick of tgem

  • •○•


    2020-03-12 16:51

    but he is good looking. stoping calling h a freak you ugly bastards

  • Angie D

    Angie D

    2020-03-12 15:48

    Oh I thought that was just blood from being beat. Guess not

  • G Baby✨

    G Baby✨

    2020-03-13 3:25

    If he is considered ugly... I know I must be hideous lmao

  • Visitor 14198

    Visitor 14198

    2020-03-12 16:49

    he is nice he is good looking he respects people

  • cat like #2

    cat like #2

    2020-03-12 16:57

    just because of being ugly doesn't mean that you all can hurt him. You deserve a better life, everyone deserves a better life too

  • Jojoqueenbee.88🐝🥰


    2020-03-14 2:43

    boy that scar on your face looks fire I'd faint cuz of the cuteness like nothing looks good ignore those bi*ches

  • Kurt Pierre Louis

    Kurt Pierre Louis

    2020-04-20 18:24

    He looks so cool with that mark on his face. Why does everyone think his ugly. 😓😓😓so unfair.

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