At Arm's Length - Ch. 0 Prologue

At Arm's Length
At Arm's Length

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After his freshman year ended badly, Michael went on medical leave to heal. Now, he's back on campus and doing better. Except he still closes himself off from other people, believing He'll never be accepted fully. That’s until he meets the seemingly aloof "ice queen" heiress, Reina, who understands what he's going through. For once, he doesn't feel alone in his struggles. Wanting to get closer but afraid of getting hurt, Michael realizes to melt her heart he'll have to open up his as well.

29 Chapters

  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length
  • At Arm's Length


  • Shophi Ya

    Shophi Ya

    2020-01-13 14:40

    Huh....looks a lot like.....cereus!!!😍😍😍lovely

    • Zushi: hey! It's the same author and characters (minus Spencer since he isnt in this timeline) so thats why it looks like cere...

    • Zushi: I am working on season 2 of cereus however and it will be posted on the original comic page with just some art changes (...

    • 234 Replies
  • Nekochi


    2020-01-13 14:32

    she's hot af indeed lol

    • Visitor 55113: And he’s hot af too

    • dirtied over 90000: damn boy she thick!

    • 14 Replies
  • JayJay20


    2020-01-13 14:45

    Woah a Cereus back strory☺️ Oh no I’m gonna start getting conflicted on who Reina should be with😩

    • Mishaa: As long as I remember Zushi said, that Reina and Mike work very well together. So Spencer will end up with a new charact...

    • Mathingchon Keishing: Mike + Reina. 👏👏👅👀💓 Spencer gets the new girl. no more comments .. by the way I ship mike and reina❤💣😚

    • 7 Replies
  • NenYoung Kim

    NenYoung Kim

    2020-01-13 14:57

    I still want Spencer and Reina to end up together. I like Michael but for me Spencer and Reina are good together just my opinion. 😅😂😘

    • Visitor 17533: Zushi said that Mike and Reina would be together, Spencer would have a diff love interest

    • Visitor 09041: I don't think so you can see how they love each other despite all their problems. I LOVE Spencers but she is not the gi...

    • 4 Replies
  • ਊ₺₴ ß!₺₾ну ᗩям¥❥

    ਊ₺₴ ß!₺₾ну ᗩям¥❥

    2020-01-13 15:10

    Yeeee Cereus Comeback 😍😍🤗

  • kylie_radcliff


    2020-01-13 14:55

    damn but you look hotter 🔥🔥🔥

  • The son of light

    The son of light

    2020-01-13 15:28

    it's cereus season 2

    • Zushi: Actually to clarify, this isn't season 2. It more like a "prequel" since it takes place about 2 years ago from cereus's ...

    • Rhoze888: zushi. 😍

    • 3 Replies
  • iloveyoukookie😍🥰😘


    2020-01-13 15:20

    welcome back 🎉

  • Porporrina


    2020-01-13 14:54

    Awwwww I love your artwork. Thank you for the new version of Michale 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • jinky


    2020-01-13 15:17

    ahh this is how they met i think so.

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