1001 Guys in My Life - Ch. 0

1001 Guys in My Life
1001 Guys in My Life

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1001 Guys in My life follows Clara’s love life, who’s been trying to find her true lover. The memory of her childhood with her friend always reminds her and she keeps trying to find who’s the guy and who can fulfill her life. Either her childhood friend? Or someone who’s always by her side whenever she needs.

41 Chapters

  • 1001 Guys in My Life
  • 1001 Guys in My Life
  • 1001 Guys in My Life
  • 1001 Guys in My Life
  • 1001 Guys in My Life
  • 1001 Guys in My Life
  • 1001 Guys in My Life
  • 1001 Guys in My Life


  • Visitor 55690

    Visitor 55690

    2019-12-01 16:25

    her: "I have 1001 guys in my life" Me:"...I... don't even have one QAQ"

    • Victory ✌: I have 1 guy in my life and he is my dad 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

    • Girls love girls : I had . 1.2.3 Guys And the last one was a SUPER GIRL Life change sometimes BUT DAMEEE 1001 GUYS IN MY LIEE WTF IS SHEE...

    • 14 Replies
  • Yahoo


    2019-12-01 16:8

    1001 guys😵😵How did you handle them...I mean still you Didn't find your choosen one...the one and only made for you.

  • °• KAI KUN •°

    °• KAI KUN •°

    2019-12-01 16:12

    my mind at the moment is like " Excuse me whatchu' just say"

    • Ronisha Ronisha: my mind the moment is like me like Exucse me whatchu just say

  • Zong Jize

    Zong Jize

    2019-12-02 9:44

    i think this style of art is like the boy love comic " G-Life"

  • love animals

    love animals

    2019-12-01 16:4

    new comic ..love it

  • ばかLing


    2019-12-02 2:16

    reminds me of 100 mark boyfriend

  • Kendra Joe

    Kendra Joe

    2019-12-01 19:0

    I love the name Clara🌷

  • Asuka Rei

    Asuka Rei

    2019-12-09 16:26

    Guys are always on my mind even though I don't have one. pffff

  • Haboor


    2019-12-10 7:42

    so basically there will be 1001 episodes?😍😂🤧😵

  • Visitor 23927

    Visitor 23927

    2019-12-23 6:14

    totally can relate...

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