Bride of Black Sea - Ch. 8

Bride of Black Sea
Bride of Black Sea

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In her childhood, Skya, a girl from a noble family was proposed by a golden-haired youth on the coast of Black Sea. However, her father arranged another marriage for her. For her own happiness, she escaped from her family, but only to encounter the vampire steward and be forced to marry the blood king! Will Skya overcome every difficulty and meet her true love?

31 Chapters

  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea


  • Yahoo


    2019-11-07 16:41

    well loneliness don't only makes souls pathetic but minds too.

    • Miss_Wolfie_999: that's for sure☺

    • Harini Jungkook: i agree

  • love animals

    love animals

    2019-11-07 16:40

    fl is so beautiful

  • 💕Star&Moon💕


    2019-11-07 16:17

    Our FL is sooo sexy 😍😍

  • Caiptain Late

    Caiptain Late

    2019-11-07 23:35

    After reading the comments I found out everyone is interested in the FL but I'm only interested in... KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HORSE!!

    • Visitor 20085: exactly

  • ユリハジメ


    2019-11-08 0:4

    Go with this vampire god, no, father of vampires, no, vampire daddy!

  • @frè_NoøR


    2019-11-07 16:38

    I can't see FL I being too much pervy......😅

  • Zineb Ezzahri

    Zineb Ezzahri

    2019-11-08 2:22

    We should feel sorry for vampires and give them justice... So now send me a handsome vampire please

  • Amber Israel

    Amber Israel

    2019-11-08 3:44

    awe such sad story, waiting for the happy to come:)

  • Chairah Charm Labadlabad Alano

    Chairah Charm Labadlabad Alano

    2019-11-07 21:59

    Here is the ML now yeeey

    • Fei__: Wait who is the male lead the King of demons or the butler

  • Luxie • Rosie

    Luxie • Rosie

    2019-11-08 10:43

    The Blood King reminds me of Zeref. He was lonely for hundred of years. He made tons of demons to kill him and even made his brother a demon. Reviving his brother made a God angry in and so he was cursed. All living things that he'll love will die.

    • Luxie • Rosie: in the process*

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