Bride of Black Sea - Ch. 13

  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea


  • love animals

    love animals

    2019-11-07 16:46

    why isalmost everyone blond

    • Gwendolyn Iris: cause blondes are rare since rainbow hairs are common 😂 like purple and pink

    • 😍chocolate cake😍: All the blonde characters looks same 😒😒😒😒

    • 16 Replies
  • violeteevergarden


    2019-11-07 18:40

    wohh I thought the blonde marquess king of blood tribe aka hoard was the black haired guy who's hair turned black due to the curse's toll on him. Last panel makes me even more confused coz seems like he isn't

    • Rudolph Rudolph: I thought they were the same guy because they look the same except for hair color. I assumed the blonde was the version ...

    • naji: probably his hair color changed after the curse? I'm a bit confused too I still think he's the one she met in the beach

    • 8 Replies
  • @frè_NoøR


    2019-11-07 16:45

    98% comic is with blonde hair color 😋😁

  • ErzaxJellal❤️


    2019-11-07 23:46

    wait is the blonde and black haired dude the same person?

    • ユリハジメ: lol

    • ユリハジメ: I was just about to answer you.

    • 5 Replies
  • Visitor 48972

    Visitor 48972

    2019-11-07 20:48

    he is like the snow white of the vamps... and she is his vanhelkyns ... teehee kekeke ... I am enjoying this story... She is so stubborn.

  • Angelina11


    2019-11-08 8:12

    The man she met at the black sea is him isn't it?

  • Visitor 54445

    Visitor 54445

    2019-11-07 23:48

    so is the black haired dude the the same as the blond because I'm confused at that part

    • MSHT: Nope, black haired dude is blonde dude's butler

  • *Midnight*


    2019-11-10 15:57

    is it possible that Herod's soul shattered and Andrew is the other part?

  • Rihana Mia

    Rihana Mia

    2019-11-07 21:28

    I like this story ❤️😍

  • Visitor 43622

    Visitor 43622

    2019-11-09 14:12

    damn why is it covered? 😂 but y'all herod is damn gorgeous

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