Bride of Black Sea - Ch. 10

  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea
  • Bride of Black Sea


  • chibs08


    2019-11-07 17:2

    Why does it seems to me Marquess and Andrew is the same person? 🤔

    • Googlə: i thought Suzanne was a girl...🤔

    • ErzaxJellal❤️: i think they are?

    • 19 Replies
  • mika is the cutest

    mika is the cutest

    2019-11-07 18:16

    this is a long a** story😶😥

    • Brisingr123: Most people are annoyed when a story is short. Then when its long they are annoyed again? Is anyhting good enough for hu...

    • 4 Replies
  • sakura midnight

    sakura midnight

    2019-11-08 2:26

    he is not a tyrant they refused to listen to him first why he has to listen to them just saying

  •  Gemini Queen👑

    Gemini Queen👑

    2019-11-07 22:58

    Does anyone else think that Herod has a similar look especially his hair to Alucard from Castlevania?💛💛💛💛

    • Mr. Mustache: I'm glad I'm.not the only one that though about it

  • DramaForYourLlama


    2019-11-07 23:10

    I love how long and detailed the chapters are. This story is really well done!

  • mike13575


    2019-11-08 13:5

    those weapons in his hands.... isn't it the holy crook and flail of the Egyptian good Ra

    • Visitor 78866: Good catch.looks like he is a god😂

    • i <3 ships: ikr that's the same thing I thought, didn't Cleopatra hold that stuff?

  • Riri riri

    Riri riri

    2019-11-08 6:57

    Suzanne? He?😅🤷🏻‍♀️

  • 🌺🌸TROPICAL🌸🌺


    2019-11-09 15:32

    Is suzanne a boy? The author use he on Suzanne but Suzanne kinda looks more like a girl so I'm confused

    • zaire laly: Yeah he’s a guy but I agree Suzanne is a 100% a girl’s name

    • 🌺🌸TROPICAL🌸🌺: Thank you! 😍

  • love animals

    love animals

    2019-11-07 16:41

    they r ao sexy

  • @frè_NoøR


    2019-11-07 16:41 much of logic......🤨

    • 宁宁: For the last panel. The stuff he's holding is the same as one of the Egyptian god Osiris

    • Billybubblebutt: Noticed it too. Reminds me of Pharaoh's Concubine

    • 5 Replies
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