Best Wedding - Ch. 6

Best Wedding
Best Wedding

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Xia Nuanxin was mistakenly mess with the boss of underworld, Xiao Jue, in a task, which led to the failure of her task. In order to revenging, she sneaked into his company, but accidentally fell into his trap and was forced to promise to be his assistant for a month. During the work, Xia Nuanxin still don't give up any opportunity to complete the task. Xiao Jue didn't know the identity of Xia Nuanxin, but only felt funny to tease her. So he had been keeping her to stay around with him.

168 Chapters

  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding


  • kite-kat


    2019-10-28 14:26

    Isn’t she a thief? Why is she so weak damn ~~ still gonna read this tho^_^

    • Spirit & Gamer: like I was expecting a [email protected] FL because she's a thief and stuff but she is god awful at her job...

    • JaebumAndBucketHats: Just saying but I thinks she's an amateur

    • 38 Replies
  • lucy❤❤❤❤


    2019-10-28 15:3

    ooooo it would be "RUDE NOT''😂😂

    • Annjel: there suppose to be have a comma after the RUDE

  •  ѕταgє κιττєи 💞....

     ѕταgє κιττєи 💞....

    2019-10-28 18:5

    Why does everyone want to kill him? 🤨😗😬😬

  • Chelsi Jain

    Chelsi Jain

    2019-10-28 15:29

    I read this comic somewhere but dont know where?

  • xXRaven_WolfXx


    2019-10-28 22:0

    Damn why does that so real! 😂

  • the dream_reader

    the dream_reader

    2019-10-28 18:32

    Jsu one question.. I mean what did you do?

  • ❤🌹taeta🌹❤


    2019-10-28 20:50

    bang👉 bang 👉bang👉💥

  • Shawnee Smith

    Shawnee Smith

    2019-10-29 4:41

    Lol wtf !!! U fgot urself a sexy badass man !!!🥰🤤

  • Nomeka_Chan


    2019-12-01 17:11

    i hav alot of questions but ok🤣

  • Waleska Santiago

    Waleska Santiago

    2019-12-21 6:19

    I feel like he's like Bonds, James Bonds. * • • • • •🤔?, It's that how you spell James Bonds? because I haven't seen the movie? 😑😑😑

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