Best Wedding - Ch. 5

Best Wedding
Best Wedding

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Xia Nuanxin was mistakenly mess with the boss of underworld, Xiao Jue, in a task, which led to the failure of her task. In order to revenging, she sneaked into his company, but accidentally fell into his trap and was forced to promise to be his assistant for a month. During the work, Xia Nuanxin still don't give up any opportunity to complete the task. Xiao Jue didn't know the identity of Xia Nuanxin, but only felt funny to tease her. So he had been keeping her to stay around with him.

168 Chapters

  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding


  • Visitor 60993

    Visitor 60993

    2019-10-28 15:42

    What kind of thief or spy that cannot fight for themselves but to rely on their enemy?

    • Darkmyth♥: I'm starting to feel this story a bit cringey, like I k where it's going... I feel like the heroin's gonna turn out to b...

    • JaebumAndBucketHats: Dunno I think she's the kind of escape dude who uses brains over Brawns. There are some other types of thieves/spies but...

    • 24 Replies
  • #relationship♥️goals


    2019-10-28 15:4

    She should be the one kicking ass around here

    • ✨❤✨: Shes a spy but cant fight 🤦

    • Longlivecats: Agreed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) how she even get a job duh?

    • 9 Replies
  • ♡Dream Glow♡

    ♡Dream Glow♡

    2019-10-28 23:25

    ok . so she went to steal the chip from him but doesn't know his name ? .... 😲😅

    • DanielxJay for life: Exactly like sis if you’re going to be a good spy you have to know everything about your target beforehand so you can be...

  • BTS Shmily

    BTS Shmily

    2019-10-29 7:39

    is this girl a professional thief or just a cute stupid fl?

  • PixieStixNix


    2019-10-28 19:43

    She needs health insurance. Omg HA HA

  • Visitor 16680

    Visitor 16680

    2019-11-06 15:5

    hey the girl agreed to be his woman soooo easily!?

  • Jéssica Fonseca

    Jéssica Fonseca

    2019-10-30 14:47

    So she is Just a stupid fl... 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Anti YAOI❌❌❌

    Anti YAOI❌❌❌

    2019-10-28 22:22

    a girly last name 😂😂😂

  • Chtolly


    2019-10-29 11:9

    she is annoying

  • Reilly Garrett-Gosling

    Reilly Garrett-Gosling

    2019-11-02 4:57

    did anyone else see the naruto run

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