Best Wedding - Ch. 2

Best Wedding
Best Wedding

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Xia Nuanxin was mistakenly mess with the boss of underworld, Xiao Jue, in a task, which led to the failure of her task. In order to revenging, she sneaked into his company, but accidentally fell into his trap and was forced to promise to be his assistant for a month. During the work, Xia Nuanxin still don't give up any opportunity to complete the task. Xiao Jue didn't know the identity of Xia Nuanxin, but only felt funny to tease her. So he had been keeping her to stay around with him.

168 Chapters

  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding


  • anissina8


    2019-10-28 14:13

    Its weird thing when he suddenly interested in her

    • Rose Lout: twisted business men 🤔 who knows 😌

    • Kethaki B: tbh it's not uncommon many people like yo have power. especially business men so when their is someone who goes against ...

    • 10 Replies
  • Visitor 79238

    Visitor 79238

    2019-10-28 14:21

    ofcourse he would find her interesting

    • rose quart: and she a female lead so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • 2️⃣✳️🆎💯🈳🔣: well duh, he is the male lead

    • 8 Replies
  • Visitor 60993

    Visitor 60993

    2019-10-28 15:33

    Bruh not so much of a “good” spy or thief.

    • BANGTANLOLXDDEESBOYS: ikr that was pretty sucky

  • neko's_UwU


    2019-10-28 15:7

    umm... am i the only one who read the "fiend" as "friend"?. yup, just me.

  • Ayu Sensei

    Ayu Sensei

    2019-10-28 15:43

    already read this I sm out

    • FocusOnTheWrongThing: what?.....well i think i have read this somewhere to but i dont remember where...and whats the title of the comics....

    • hye woo: me too😂

    • 5 Replies
  • Mae Mae^^

    Mae Mae^^

    2019-10-28 23:27

    OMG its here!!??

  • 𝓚𝓪𝓶𝓪


    2019-11-10 23:8

    Fl: “Please help me!” Ml: helps. “Repay me.” Fl: “you pervert! Let me out!” Wtf is wrong with these girls. I’m annoyed.

  • mainasi


    2019-10-29 23:48

    boring 😴

  • Sakura Yuki 2007

    Sakura Yuki 2007

    2020-05-10 1:43

    Of course she's interesting because she's our beautiful FL 😍❤️ But isn't it too fast to be interested in her 🤔🤔or not?

  • Rihana Mia

    Rihana Mia

    2019-10-28 19:19

    This story is very beautiful ❤️🤣

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