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Best Wedding
Best Wedding

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Xia Nuanxin was mistakenly mess with the boss of underworld, Xiao Jue, in a task, which led to the failure of her task. In order to revenging, she sneaked into his company, but accidentally fell into his trap and was forced to promise to be his assistant for a month. During the work, Xia Nuanxin still don't give up any opportunity to complete the task. Xiao Jue didn't know the identity of Xia Nuanxin, but only felt funny to tease her. So he had been keeping her to stay around with him.

49 Chapters

  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding
  • Best Wedding


  • Lei Tingyu

    Lei Tingyu

    2019-10-28 14:20

    Finally my favorite comic is here!!!

    • cute girl 003: i've read all the chapters ❤❤ the story is amazing

    • Dylan~Becomes~Cherry: Is the ML annoying? And pervy?

    • 27 Replies
  • Yahoo


    2019-10-28 14:24

    It's here😻😻😻I was waiting for it...

    • Anime&comics r life: I wasn't even aware of it😂😂😂

    • 36 Replies
  • rosy chick

    rosy chick

    2019-10-28 14:15

    ohhhh it's hereeeeee my waiting has endeddd, thank youu webcomics and actually I've done reading this but still I want to read it again and now I can download their chaptersss heressss, im so happyyyy my goshhhh ahhhh😆😆😆😆😆

    • Grace Tingjuy: Grandest wedding the end they have kids and got married

    • srizzz: what was it's other name?

    • 5 Replies
  • •Hello•


    2019-10-28 18:3

    Everyone is saying that they already have Read this and I think that this comic is gonna be awesome. Sorry for my english..😅

  • anissina8


    2019-10-28 14:11

    Ohhh i’ve read this somewhere!!

  • Shanar


    2019-10-28 15:16

    I am damn sure art will change later 🙄🧐

    • Grace Tingjuy: yep

  • Eyes On

    Eyes On

    2019-10-28 15:23

    I welcome you here 😍😍😍

  • miyuki chan 可愛い

    miyuki chan 可愛い

    2019-10-28 16:11

    No this can't be happening😭 this is my 4th comic I read on my lufe😭😭😭 now it is sweet memories😢😢

  • En Lou

    En Lou

    2019-10-28 16:25

    Hmmm i already finish reading this,,, i'll reread it here hehehe

    • luthfianti fanani: where are you read this??? i think this comic same with Pure girl with more than 400 eps

  • J.A.S


    2019-10-28 19:51

    oh I remember this....She is a fails at being a spy. Just god damn she was bad.

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