The Hostage, The Lover - Ch. 4

The Hostage, The Lover
The Hostage, The Lover

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Jian Yi was just an ordinary office worker. Her all life is also ordinary, except for a one year's memory loss. Until some day, she picked up a dangerous man in front of her door who was covered in blood. According to what he said, Jian Yi was exactly same as his deeply loved and deeply hated girl, Stella! Does Jane's lost memory have something to do with this dangerous man?

62 Chapters

  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover


  • Luna 💛 October 🎃

    Luna 💛 October 🎃

    2019-10-18 2:55

    Gangster boy better watch where he hands are

    • The Human21: PERIODTTT

    • JustVibin😚💆🏾: 😭😭

  • 无羡❤蓝湛


    2019-10-18 3:42

    Dude, you shouldn't kidnap her even if she is being targeted

    • ★~Athi~★: It's not really called as kidnapped tho... Coz the girl accepted his hand

    • SomeStranger: this story is also called stockholm lover so she need to be kidnap to potray what really is a stockholm

    • 9 Replies
  • I want...ICE CREAM!

    I want...ICE CREAM!

    2019-10-18 2:50

    No comments?? Guess I’ll say hi!!!

    • LostGirl: Hello!

    • Rαʋҽɳ Bʅαƈƙ🖤: what's with all these lonely and lost people telling you hi? 😅 I guess they were lonely and just wandered over to your ...

    • 7 Replies
  • lucinchan


    2019-10-18 3:23

    Bro u better get ur hands of her

  • Visitor 61780

    Visitor 61780

    2019-10-18 3:37

    did the car just pull up on top of stairs?😞

    • Bei Nan😍😍: Lol..... I didn't know until you mentioned it

    • Visitor 75358: that thing is a ninja!🤣



    2019-10-18 4:28

    Bish fight me i have BTS, Fx, Seventeen, Girl Generation, BP, Got7, NCT, NCT DREAM, NCT127, BigBang, and others also Anime ofc

    • Hawt Tea: Some of the anime better be SAO, Black Butler, Seven Deadly Sins, and Blue Exorcist. Because everyone in those anime are...

    • stellar_moon: AND I have MONSTA X, MAMAMOO, G-IDLE, CLC, TWICE to add, and of the power of anime

    • 4 Replies
  • riptae


    2019-10-18 4:26

    I need a gangster ~~ to love me better ~~

  • Bei Nan😍😍

    Bei Nan😍😍

    2019-10-18 5:32

    Lin feng 🤔🤔where have I heard this name before

  • 520💜


    2019-10-18 21:31

    How could he just drag a stranger into the house when he just met them even though she may look familiar to him

    • AkiLucky 😆( ˘ ³˘)❤: because he's convinced she's Stella. and she probably is

  • carat-ssi


    2019-10-20 4:41

    I think the girl and that Lin Feng known each other in the past, it's just that the girl doesn't know Lin Feng because she got into accident and had an amnesia

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