The Hostage, The Lover - Ch. 11

The Hostage, The Lover
The Hostage, The Lover

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Jian Yi was just an ordinary office worker. Her all life is also ordinary, except for a one year's memory loss. Until some day, she picked up a dangerous man in front of her door who was covered in blood. According to what he said, Jian Yi was exactly same as his deeply loved and deeply hated girl, Stella! Does Jane's lost memory have something to do with this dangerous man?

79 Chapters

  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover
  • The Hostage, The Lover


  • roseyboo


    2019-10-18 2:53

    Purple hair is a fake person, I’ve read this somewhere else

    • Bloody Queen4D: Girl with a purple hair is usually the bad person

    • Damsie69: I bet everyone alr knew. Cuz 99% Purple head women are sl*ts who are dumb and always jelly for some reason

    • 51 Replies
  • 无羡❤蓝湛


    2019-10-18 3:55

    Our female lead is beautiful in that dresss

    • Sirenako: She is beautiful in anything whether Rich or poor 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    • Visitor 92576: Yasssss gurl slay that dress

    • 6 Replies
  • Cindy Kah

    Cindy Kah

    2019-10-18 3:16

    Her friend needs to go cause she's fake best friend and a hoe cause if I had a man that was rich be all over him but I will make sure I whoop her ass cause ain't now flat thot gonna be taking my man in the first I said what I said and I meant what I said blank period sis

    • LO$$ER..: same !! ...only I'm allowed to eat my hubby's money one else !! and if a golddigger comes then I will make sure t...

  • Visitor 61780

    Visitor 61780

    2019-10-18 3:51

    I'm pretty sure that's how all purple haired girls act

  • masamune rai

    masamune rai

    2019-10-18 10:24

    here we go again, it always starts with the usual why can't it be me "sigh* 😑

    • windywendy: honestly. stop comparing your lives and go do something 🙄🙄🙄

    • Chan- BaekHun_EXO L: like lin feng said she has smaller breasts. 😂😂😂😅ahah jk idk cause purple hair fake.

  • Savage Random

    Savage Random

    2019-10-18 4:26

    ahahhaha toxic friends yikes... WHAT'S GOING ON NANANANANANNANANANANNANANANA

  • Shiro Aishi

    Shiro Aishi

    2019-10-19 1:38

    I thought that the purple haired girl was pretending to be her until I saw that big breast 😂

  • Ker Xue

    Ker Xue

    2019-10-19 2:43

    thats nice her boobs is smaller than our female lead :)

    • Chan- BaekHun_EXO L: lol so true 😂😂

  • Misaki Kotori

    Misaki Kotori

    2019-10-18 16:53

    purple headdd so annoyinggggg

  • RossiniChii


    2019-10-19 1:31

    Violet hair...

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