Knight Fantastic Night - Ch. 3

Knight Fantastic Night
Knight Fantastic Night

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A mysterious game CD brought the cowardly freshman, Lin Ling into a world of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table! Reality woven with virtuality, the splendid castles, a brave young king, a knight born in the lake, the Pope’s secret son, a evil Duke and his darkness knight, as well as unseen magic, constitute a strange world to her and change her gradually...

169 Chapters

  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night


  • one and only me

    one and only me

    2019-10-02 17:28

    should we call her queen of bad luck hahahaha I'm just kidding.

    • Blaq_Kat: I mean,, there is a Lord of Misfortune

    • Blaq_Kat: So maybe she is the Goddess of Bad luck or Misfortune 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • 10 Replies
  • shakeneya hinkson

    shakeneya hinkson

    2019-10-03 0:19

    After she pour that over my face I would have gotten up and beat she cunt till she is half dead and pour another bottle of the same liquid on her face and then take pictures and send it to the whole school and on social media.

    • Billybubblebutt: IKR - I'd go straight for her face - eyes, nose, & throat. gonna get expelled anyway got to make it worthwhile!

    • Jolin Jiang: I'd shove that sh*t in that vial down her throat. she deserves to get hit by a car or something. no matter how much mone...

    • 15 Replies
  • Sipping·That·BL·Tea☕


    2019-10-02 21:30


  • Billybubblebutt


    2019-10-03 1:2

    This girlfriend is righteous!

  • Himiko Togaa

    Himiko Togaa

    2019-10-21 10:38

    I hate bullies

  • Visitor 91397

    Visitor 91397

    2019-11-02 7:6

    I already read this comic and it's awesome... most interesting part of this story is that the game changes the life of the girl and her timid personality..That's what it is all about😘🤗

  • Reiko Silverine

    Reiko Silverine

    2019-10-13 23:31

    this is so different than the one I have read before. the charcters, the plot, the graphics are the same but how the story goes is so different

  • Zylver Laborce

    Zylver Laborce

    2019-11-15 19:12

    "my face! it's ruined!" "it's just water you dummy!" 😂😂

  • LukeEzekiel


    2020-02-07 14:30

    What's her problem? I hate Chen Yi! 😠

  • Isratmoon


    2020-04-15 8:43

    this damn girl.....😠😠😠😠

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