Knight Fantastic Night - Ch. 1

Knight Fantastic Night
Knight Fantastic Night

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A mysterious game CD brought the cowardly freshman, Lin Ling into a world of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table! Reality woven with virtuality, the splendid castles, a brave young king, a knight born in the lake, the Pope’s secret son, a evil Duke and his darkness knight, as well as unseen magic, constitute a strange world to her and change her gradually...

56 Chapters

  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night
  • Knight Fantastic Night


  • hàŕď ťò bèĺìévé

    hàŕď ťò bèĺìévé

    2019-10-02 16:26

    wow,this comic is my fav...n highly recommended for u guys ,the best comic I have ever read n it is already Completed too😍😍😍

    • Rachel Low7U: Go Google qishi huangxiang ye—-> original name And you might find it

    • FlowerBUNZ: It’s my favourite as well. It’s really good. I love her

    • 25 Replies
  • Yahoo


    2019-10-02 16:5

    😂😂😂parents also overslept... well that's my case daily😂

    • 🍑peachy🌹boo😍😘: this is one of my favourite comic i read this already but am gonna do it again instead of goin on the web

    • Visitor 89633: Well I overslept everyday even though my parents wake me up I fell asleep after that 😂😂

  • lilly11223


    2019-10-02 21:28

    Lol this has been completed for like a year or 2. you dont have to spend coins here when u can read it somewhere else for free

    • Aurelias: but i'm still gonna buy it here to support the author <33 😊

    • 3 Replies
  • love animals

    love animals

    2019-10-02 16:7

    wow new comic

  • Kawaii Hime

    Kawaii Hime

    2019-10-02 17:21

    I have finished reading this comics...It has long been completed

    • Gacha - Bad Gilz🖤: at where? pls tell me😕

    • Ashley Lacson: The one I read was at m a n g a r o c k but they removed their app from the App Store but I’m pretty sure their website ...

    • 5 Replies
  • shinning sweety

    shinning sweety

    2019-10-02 16:36

    so happy this comic is here.

  • 707 Tenshina Hisui

    707 Tenshina Hisui

    2019-10-02 18:39

    OMG ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

    • Visitor 75019: I know right !!!! This will be 5 times i read ..I love it

  • ❤️M.K.


    2019-10-02 18:44

    Thank you to bring this comic here 🤧🤧🤧... I really love this comic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Magic°•°


    2019-10-02 20:10

    this comic will ever be my absolute favorite comic. it is awesome.

  • santae claws🐯

    santae claws🐯

    2019-10-03 0:41

    i’ve already read all of it somewhere else but i can’t wait to read it again

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