Brother Became Womanish - Ch. 2

Brother Became Womanish
Brother Became Womanish

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"The moment I confessed, I fell off the building! How unfortunate I was!" The 17-year-old Qin Mo fell from a building and travelled back into the body of her secret crush Yu Qing Lang’s elder brother. Settling in the annoying body, all she’s thinking is how to seduce the younger brother. In face of such a gentle crush, Qin Mo therefrom starts to make troubles in the younger one’s love affairs, live for the elder one, and at the same time look after both of them, and finally make both of them her own.

127 Chapters

  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish
  • Brother Became Womanish


  • мαgιϲ ѕнορ ιѕ нοмє💜

    мαgιϲ ѕнορ ιѕ нοмє💜

    2019-10-01 16:23

    😂😂😂😂😂Brother is gonna be dictating her in that body

    • I'm_a_Shadowhunter: must say brother is way more handsome than her crush🙈😂

    • Once Again!: I think later on she will fall in love with him.

    • 8 Replies
  • Pure girl 😜😜

    Pure girl 😜😜

    2019-10-01 16:16

    They share the same body 😂😂 it's like a comic I read back then but she share body with her cat 😁😁😂

    • 2🖤Y❤V💚W💜V🧡V: is my boyfriend is amonster ?

    • Lost Soulx: well iys more like the comic of handsome a nd cute

    • 11 Replies
  • NerdyMe


    2019-10-01 16:30

    I love this already😍😍.

    • ι αм ℓσνє∂💜єνєη υ💜: me too

    • 😍chocolate cake 😍: I'm wondering who's the ml???? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Michi 🥰

    Michi 🥰

    2019-10-01 16:11

    But his brother is more handsome than that senpai 😍

  • Seventh Sky

    Seventh Sky

    2019-10-01 17:58

    Why do i have a feeling that this purple hair elder brother is going to be the ship with FL .

    • Mariel Nacilla: yeah, i ship her with the brother and not the senpai

    • ANIME LOVER6R: cause he's more handsome

    • 3 Replies
  • henin Faith

    henin Faith

    2019-10-01 16:55

    he is 25 year's old and he have children's 😱😱 GOD… how is his wife looks like 🤫🤫

  • HeichouHareHuang


    2019-10-01 18:14

    Wth hahaha, so different.. I like it for a change 🤣🤭

  • Rifat Shaikh

    Rifat Shaikh

    2019-10-01 18:34

    okk this is something new

  • Visitor 24724

    Visitor 24724

    2019-10-01 23:15

    wait if he has a wife and then she does it with his wife does that mean she les?

  • Chloe Ho

    Chloe Ho

    2019-10-02 10:4

    i wish she cud still go back in ber body soon so she cud choose whom ever she wants but i prefer the old brother hahahahahahaahah i dunno what happened with his photo but nope our eyes are okay so he is handsome ahgagahah

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