Mystical Feather Love Song - Ch. 1

Mystical Feather Love Song
Mystical Feather Love Song

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"What kind of vet can't even save the dying and injured?!" Faced with the threat of having her graduation certificate revoked, veterinary student, Jocelyn Ju decided to rescue a little cat. But, to her surprise, a simple CPR procedure ended up flipping her world upside down! Thanks to a 'magical kiss', Jocelyn gained the ability to switch between human and parrot form, launching herself into a warm and touching love adventure with Javen Xuan, a visitor from the Fairy Realm, who could switch between the form of a human and a black cat!

56 Chapters

  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song
  • Mystical Feather Love Song


  • Yahoo


    2019-09-21 15:9

    oh no what happened to cat😲😲

    • squishy paws: can't you see that it's bleeding??!😒

    • Visitor 91815: They ran it over that’s the dad that’s the dads problem

    • 3 Replies
  • nícσ ju,вєgσиєI⃠D⃠K⃠

    nícσ ju,вєgσиєI⃠D⃠K⃠

    2019-09-21 15:5

    Black cat means bad luck, right? Not here maybe..

    • Tiny alien : In japan, its considered lucky if I’m not mistaken

    • Visitor 66980: All cats are the same - how dare you think black cats are different and they bring bad luck ?n

    • 9 Replies
  • Luna lone wolf 🌕

    Luna lone wolf 🌕

    2019-09-21 15:4

    Oohhh new comic

  • Visitor 03610

    Visitor 03610

    2019-09-21 19:32

    They killed the black cat that already has an home with an collar on So what Black cats are bad luck to some people That one has an good home and I Love cats 😻

  • Lan Zhan❤Wei Ying

    Lan Zhan❤Wei Ying

    2019-09-21 17:0

    This art kinda look like A journey to the past 😍May be the same author 😚btw i like it😍

    • Lollipops004 :3: And Knight’s Fantastic Night

    • [email protected]: I thought the same when I saw her eyes.

  • ♡Halo_Halo♡°♤°♡Name♡


    2019-09-21 15:21

    maybe the collar has something to do with it?? :^/

  • *:・゚✧ Wangxian *:・゚✧

    *:・゚✧ Wangxian *:・゚✧

    2019-09-21 15:4

    A new comic (ღ✪v✪)

  • Mrs. V

    Mrs. V

    2019-09-21 15:36

    Another new comics!!yeheyyy!!😍😍😍

  • jade floret

    jade floret

    2019-09-21 15:47

    d.a.f.a.q.u.e veterinary student~agriculture University?

  • Uno Reverse Card

    Uno Reverse Card

    2019-09-21 15:53

    Yay!!!This is finally on Webcomics!!Thank you!!

    • Zaina FATHIMA: Where else can I find it

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