The Crown Prince - Ch. 8

  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince


  • nícσ ju,вєgσиєI⃠D⃠K⃠

    nícσ ju,вєgσиєI⃠D⃠K⃠

    2019-09-13 17:6

    Of course BL and historic one is good..

    • Jean_kim: long haired men are sooo beautiful 😍 this is the reason why i like chinese historical bl

    • Xx_osocharm_xX: ikr it's so beautiful and nice and idk how to say it but it just a great kind to read a mix of a BL in a historical sett...

    • 19 Replies
  • 🐺Luna lone wolf 🐺

    🐺Luna lone wolf 🐺

    2019-09-13 17:10

    Yes finally my wish has been granted thank you 😊 😘 😁😁😁

    • Miss Evergreen : U know Ive been waiting for thiiiissss 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣

    • Mayuzumi Chihiro: Is it good? 😍 Well it looked so from the beginning 😍

    • 3 Replies
  • lillianna orsca

    lillianna orsca

    2019-09-13 18:14

    Am I the only one finding it hard to read ???

    • BLtrashdiedfromUwU: but anyway my gay soul is happy cause we got another beauty like Chengfeng 😳😳😳

    • Visitor 22641: same here

    • 9 Replies
  • Miyuki Natsuya

    Miyuki Natsuya

    2019-09-13 19:53

    I just hurt my eye vision trying to read this

  • 😾😾Levi Jaeger😾😾

    😾😾Levi Jaeger😾😾

    2019-09-13 17:8

    A new Bl... thanks webcomics 😍😻 the story is great

  • Myouki


    2019-09-13 20:38

    The quality is disappointing.

    • 奖惩 , me?: lol the text is too small I can relate

  • Nawal Aurna

    Nawal Aurna

    2019-09-14 12:49

    cant you make the picture resolution bigger than this? its problamatic to see in this resolution. it aches my eyes and also gives pressure.

  • Shxrri 🐺

    Shxrri 🐺

    2019-09-13 18:16

    I feel so bad for yong Shan :((

  • ハンサン


    2019-09-13 23:14

    Some parts are really hard to read. I wish they put it separately because I letters are to small to read if they combine it like and the panels can be separated without a problem. It gives me problems understanding the story because I need to skip those combined panels that ate very hard to read. Even zooming it won't help it'll just make the panels more blurry

  • Vedita Kapoor

    Vedita Kapoor

    2019-09-14 10:45

    their hair shines brighter than my future! give me your hair products please!

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