The Crown Prince - Ch. 3

  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
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  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince
  • The Crown Prince


  • mygluvpjm


    2019-09-13 21:26

    I'm so dumb that I havn't understand a single thing 😞

    • Visitor 69871: The other prince, YongShan, does not want any harm to come upon the crown prince. Be it suicide by the stove fire, scrat...

    • MyGeneric: same, font hurts my eyes too

    • 64 Replies
  • zarsha nadeem

    zarsha nadeem

    2019-09-13 18:3


    • plzunlockbycoins: ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ

  • sora siro

    sora siro

    2019-09-14 8:15

    he cares about him so much 😍

  • Kohaku


    2019-09-13 23:9

    this wouldn't be the first time one of Feng Nong's mcs wanted to commit suicide. There's definitely something going on between those 2 half brothers and if writing history is anything to go by, he's going to be cruel to the poor crown prince.

    • Lookaluca: Ah, this author has other works? Mind sharing them, I kinda want to check them out

    • 3 Replies
  • ThatOneWeirdo


    2019-09-14 2:36

    The art design tho @[email protected]

    • Visitor 47245: ikr

  • cute devil 😈

    cute devil 😈

    2019-09-13 20:0

    such a good comics but why is there only the people comment

    • Faiqa Wani: is ur dp from totally captivated!

  • Visitor 32582

    Visitor 32582

    2019-09-16 6:12

    the prints are way too small.hurtful tobthe eyes.i can't enjoy the story like this.MAKE THEM BIGGER!

    • ᴵᴹ⁻ᴬ⁻ᴾᴼᵀᴬᵀᴼ: you know you can zoom right?

  • Shafikal Darek

    Shafikal Darek

    2019-09-14 7:48

    reminds me about binghe n shizun..or wwx n lz

  • Úhłÿ Ãčė Anderson

    Úhłÿ Ãčė Anderson

    2019-09-15 13:26

    too many words.. it makes me dizzy it's like solving math

  • Jyoti Mishra

    Jyoti Mishra

    2019-09-14 14:22

    very well written... with beautiful word play. and amazing art.

    • Brisingr123: I agree. I just didn't understand anything of the story this far lol 😳😅

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