Beauty Lantern Shop - Ch. 5

Beauty Lantern Shop
Beauty Lantern Shop

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The lanterns which can see others' secrets, a lantern shop which gathers the love and hatred. The joys and sorrows of the world are all hidden in the lamplight. Kindness and evil intertwined in this small shop. The shadow on the wall reveals the true colors of human nature.

30 Chapters

  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop


  • ωну! ρσкєяƒα¢є кυη!

    ωну! ρσкєяƒα¢є кυη!

    2019-07-11 15:53

    He drank arsenic... so obviously he will be dead!!!!

    • Elisha Demayo: umm its actually he ^^' cuz the lantern gurl is the one dressed as his twin brother

    • psychopath/killer: What’s arsenic

    • 3 Replies


    2019-07-11 15:18

    It's really hard for a physician when his patients die😟 not only be is held responsible but also the regret of not saving someone remains

    • Xia Yi: are always blamed for the patient death....why can't they understand that doctors are also humans 😢

    • 7 Replies
  • ChenLi_XiaLu🍒  🌸

    ChenLi_XiaLu🍒 🌸

    2019-07-11 16:42

    "Hard" doesn't give justice... When a patient dies in front of you, and you have to act according to your profession and try to hold back all the emotions you feel as a human person... (╯_╰)

  • masamune rai

    masamune rai

    2019-07-12 0:7

    I wonder how he can keep his pride intact with his pants being pulled down R.I.P pride

  • Miki-sama


    2019-07-12 8:27

    I just don’t get it why the empress has to have them killed... Big deal! Being found out that you had a portrait of yourself painted is more important than a life??? Absurd!

  • Visitor 22191

    Visitor 22191

    2019-07-11 15:19


  • Mihyunie Kim

    Mihyunie Kim

    2019-07-11 15:42

    I'm getting exited! 😍✌

  • Himiko🌸


    2019-07-11 15:55

    oh my godd

  • Sompi Phouthavong

    Sompi Phouthavong

    2019-07-15 3:42

    what a waste he is kinda handsome😅

  • Florita@1

    [email protected]

    2019-07-14 19:31

    oh my goodness...

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