Beauty Lantern Shop - Ch. 20

  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop
  • Beauty Lantern Shop


  • Nancy James1710

    Nancy James1710

    2019-07-25 21:31

    damn can I anyone pls tell what is actually going on?!!

    • Tamika Gilmore: the emperor got smitten with little sister and took her as his concubine, the brother ask the immortal to save his siste...

    • Höney 🙃🌸: About this chapter they eunuch and the empress are in conspiracy to take over the throne from the emperor and the empero...

    • 9 Replies
  • HornetSentinel


    2019-07-25 22:27


  • Visitor 29281

    Visitor 29281

    2019-07-25 21:12


    • Visitor 29281: Horrible emperor

  • Visitor 06710

    Visitor 06710

    2019-07-25 22:23

    Whoowhooo! Things are getting heated!!! I wonder where the lantern was hidden? Hmm I hope nothing bad happens to lady Duan and her brother I’ll be so sad 😞

  • Princess Nervien Gut

    Princess Nervien Gut

    2019-07-25 22:9

    At the beginning of this story I understand, but now I don't 😅

  • Visitor 72657

    Visitor 72657

    2019-07-25 23:33

    Ummm what’s happening...?

  • Queen Nefertari

    Queen Nefertari

    2019-07-26 1:38

    No wonder none likes the emperor. The emperor is not likeable.

  • Sabiha Jahan

    Sabiha Jahan

    2019-07-26 5:33

    i think the emperor's character is turning negative. he forced duan against her will. 😔😢

    • Lily Lim: he use everyone as his tool

  • valentina serto

    valentina serto

    2019-07-26 7:27

    so is she pregnant or not?

    • Lily Lim: not yet. later maybe yes

    • Adion D'ark: she is, i think

  • Lily Lim

    Lily Lim

    2019-07-26 7:57

    daily update please .who's agree ??

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